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At Stream Companies, we do a lot more than design clever advertising campaigns. As a true partner, we help companies in a variety of industries learn more about their businesses so they can make smarter, data-driven decisions that impact customer retention, loyalty, and service. It’s all part of our bedrock philosophy known as Intelligence@work. Backed by more than 20 years of real-world experience, this philosophy has helped us become one of the fastest growing agencies in the country.

At our core is a collection of advertising and marketing solutions that represent everything your business needs to compete in the modern marketplace. Each one of these is backed by Adnomics, a distinctive data set we painstakingly collect about your company, your industry, and your market. That’s because we believe in order to be intelligent at work (making profitable business decisions), you have to put intelligence (insights/data) to work.

We work this way because we like to see a job through to the end. More than that, though, we like to win. We’ve never been comfortable with “good enough” or taking second place. And as leaders in the advertising space, as well as lifelong learners, our team is consistently developing innovative strategies and tactics to help our partners reach their business goals. Whether that means breaking into a new market, overtaking a competitor, or pinpointing inefficiencies in the sales process, we work for your business, your entire business, taking a holistic approach to your overall success.

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