AutomotiveReputation Management

Automotive Reputation Management

Your Dealership’s Reputation Matters. Start Shaping It Today.

In business—especially the automotive business—your reputation has far-reaching implications, affecting how potential and existing customers see your business. One single review, post, or tweet can make or break you in the eyes of your audience.

You know the stigmas and stereotypes surrounding the automotive industry. As inaccurate as they may be, they make a sterling reputation all the more important. The good news? Our automotive reputation management team at Stream Companies can help you put your best foot forward.

Online reviews are the engine oil of your operations. They grease the gears that turn prospective and past business into present and future success. Keep customers coming through your doors with a dazzling reputation!

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Dealer Reputation Management

The path to a great reputation starts with the great Greek aphorism, “Know thyself.” Or, know thyself through the customer’s eyes. Our automotive reputation management team listens to the top review sites most relevant to your dealership, so you can gather that feedback as it comes in.

The moment a customer leaves a review, we’ll know. From sales to service, negative reviews have the biggest impact on your business. That’s why we waste no time in addressing them. Within 24 hours of spotting negative feedback, we’ll write a response and send it to you to review before we post it.

Good Reviews Can’t Go Ignored

Good news is a cause for celebration! We’ll amp up the volume on positive feedback by responding to satisfied customers and thanking them for what they took the time to say.

Customers will notice your appreciation just as much as they might notice a bad review. You can’t let good reviews go without notice!

Dealer Reputation Management
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Our White-Glove Approach Covers All Bases

Our dedicated automotive reputation and social media management specialists are on all the platforms your customers use to leave reviews—and possible prospects use for a window into your dealership.

From crowd-sourced review sites to your own media channels, we’re on top of it all. Stream is a partner with Podium, a smart messaging platform that connects with your customers to increase the number of reviews on popular sites such as:

More Google Reviews can help improve your local search rankings, too. Dealer reputation management is more than a tool to affect how you’re seen. It can get you seen by the shoppers in your area as part of a robust automotive Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy. Our Digital services are fully integrated to ensure your reputation management goes the extra mile!

Turn Bad Reviews into Good Conversation

The way we see it, every review is a chance to engage—not only with the customer, but with every prospect checking you out online. Your response may seem small, but it really does have a butterfly effect.

Positive or negative, every review can jumpstart a dialogue between you and the customer—one that makes an impression on anyone else reading. With a thoughtful approach and some well-chosen words, you might even see customers update negative reviews and continue doing business with you.

We at Stream Companies can help you start those crucial conversations. Reach out to our automotive reputation management team today to learn more!

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