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Stream Companies CRO Program: Increasing Sales and Conversions with a Scientifically Proven Process

There’s no doubt about it—the digital marketing industry has changed. Back in the days of America Online and the beginnings of social media, all you really needed was a good-looking website to succeed digitally. Today, things are a little different.

Sure, you still need a good site to attract visitors, but with every other business touting a responsive and beautifully designed website, you need a little something extra to gain that competitive edge. You need conversion rate optimization.Here’s a closer look at what conversion rate optimization is all about and what Stream’s conversion rate optimization program can do for your business.

CRO: The Smart Way to Optimize Your Site

Conversion rate optimization, or CRO, is a strategy that helps turn website visitors into leads and eventually, customers. How it works is pretty simple: All you need to do is take a closer look at your site to see how it’s performing, then implement and test out a few changes if required. However, there is a bit of a science to it.

Stream’s CRO strategy starts with identifying your goals or what you want your CRO campaign to accomplish. Whether you want to boost form submissions or email subscribers, your goal will help shape your strategy so that it can provide the most effective results. From there, we can work with you to determine key performance indicators as well as how success can be measured.

Then, it’s time to analyze your company’s website to pinpoint what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to CRO. The analysis goes beyond the main design and structure of your site, however. In addition to overall aesthetics, the forms, buttons, copy, and every other element on your website are evaluated to see if they’re really helping convert visitors into leads.

The more information collected from your site, the easier it will be to understand how effective certain elements are. If there is anything that can be improved, think of a few ways of how you can change them to increase conversions. Sometimes, changing something as small as font sizes or link colors on a form can result in a higher conversion rate and more customers over time.

Then, an A/B split test will be performed to see how effective the changes to your site will be. An A/B split test involves showing an audience two versions of your website. Half of your audience will see the original page while the other half will see the enhanced version.

Once you have the test set, we can keep an eye on how each page performs. If the enhanced page generates more conversions, it becomes a permanent part of your site.

Proven Results with CRO

CRO drives proven results, which is why more and more businesses are turning to this tactic. Take, for example, Kremer Eye Center. A top LASIK and eye care provider around the Greater Philadelphia area, the team at Kremer enlisted the help of Stream’s digital marketing experts to boost their online presence and conversion rate. Together, they were able to determine the best opportunities for improvement and created a CRO strategy catered to their specific website and goals.

From there, they tested a few small design changes to the menu and home page links, as well as edits to copy on a landing page to see if they would result in more conversions, and they did. A/B split testing found the changes resulted in more clicks and overall interaction as well as a notable jump in form submissions.

Stream’s CRO program proves that even small changes to a site can lead to more impressive conversion rates and overall interaction. For more information, download our free Kremer Eye Center and Conversion Rate Optimization Case Study. 

Streamline Your CRO Strategy

It’s true. CRO can be vital to a business’ success online, but if you want to make the most out of this tactic and make the process a bit easier, keep the following tips in mind.

  • Test one thing at a time. Got a lot of changes you want to test for your CRO campaign? Run one test at a time for the most accurate results.
  • Work with a team of experts. CRO is an easy solution for many businesses, but the science behind the strategy requires the mind of an expert. So, it’s best to work with an agency, like Stream. With a team of conversion experts and a strategic plan based on every client’s specific needs and website, we can create the most effective solution for your company.

Learn More about Stream CRO

Looking to increase conversions and sales? Stream Companies’ CRO program is the way to go. Learn more about this scientifically proven marketing tactic and get in touch with the conversion experts at Stream Companies to increase your opportunity for conversions now.

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