Step Back, Political Ads!

We’ve all heard the banter. The bashing. The stories. The promises. The Presidential election is quickly approaching, and the candidates have been making sure that their fellow Americans don’t forget it. They’ve posted billboards on major roadways and taken up space in local newspapers, reminding citizens to vote and to tune in to each party’s conventions. It is no secret that both presidential hopefuls budget millions upon millions of dollars to help them connect with their potential voters. Regarding the media markets, Philadelphia was forecasting roughly $25 million dollars in political advertising, and Virginia has seen approximately $20 million dollars since May 1st.

It’s also no secret that with millions of dollars to fuel their fires, these campaigns can get down and dirty. 

Regardless of dollars spent to date, it’s interesting to note that both parties put the brakes on their ad campaigns for the September 11th anniversary. USA Today reports “President Obama and Mitt Romney will pause from slinging mud on the airwaves by temporarily pulling their largely negative campaign commercials off TV.” Maybe, just maybe, the local pizza shop or car dealer down the street got a word in edgewise Tuesday, while the political guys took a moment to be respectful. However, in the case that that doesn’t happen, that’s where Stream’s media department takes action.

With political advertising campaigns flooding the national and local airwaves, the media landscape has changed for both consumers and marketers. The media department here at Stream and media departments nationwide make it their top priorities to ensure their clients are well-prepared.

Stream’s Media Buyers are savvy during this time of turbulence, and our clients have been informed that they are competing with an elephant in the room (so to speak). With well-planned media buys, local businesses CAN face the endless advertising of these political goliaths. Obama and Romney may be taking up the airwaves, but guess what, tha neighborhood pizza shop and car dealership down the street WILL get their advertising time, too.