Quarterly Media Buying: A Better Value For the Advertiser in 2012

Last week, we discussed the importance of conducting integrated marketing campaigns.  One of the integral components of an integrated marketing campaign is the media plan.

To build better value for your client, Stream Companies recommends buying media on a quarterly basis, as opposed to buying month-to-month.  (Month-to-month is defined as booking media in or right before the month being booked. For example, scheduling NBC on 9/1 for a 9/15 start.)  On average, broadcast and radio stations will reduce rates by 15% if a client books for the quarter instead of month-to-month, which translate to more spots for less money and opens the advertiser to better and more added values.

As 2012 draws closer, it is important to consider the impact of political elections on advertising.  There are a number of issues that will affect media buying.

  • Broadcast stations are required to run political advertising.   As a result, local advertisers will get “bumped” for political ads regardless of rate.
  • 45 days before an election, TV and radio stations will raise their unit rates by to 50-60%, depending on the program.

New laws that give corporations the ability to contribute to ad budgets have opened the flood gates to new political advertising.  The 2012 Presidential race along with other local races will flood the TV market with extra dollars and push out local advertisers.

Here are a few tips to avoid getting “bumped” in 2012

  • Open the time period you normally buy.  If you normally buy 6A-7A, look to buy 6A-9A.
  • Create a fifteen second spot.  Political ads are very rarely fifteen seconds, and TV stations have fifteen second inventory pre-built in the daily log.

Our recommendation for 2012:   Book early; the sooner the better!   It is much easier to book and revise than to wait until the last minute and spend 25% more on the same spot.

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