PPC Keyword Logic: Back To Basics

One of the most basic aspects of any online marketing effort – whether SEO, paid search, or social media – is the use and implementation of targeted keywords. On many occasions however, we tend to think of keywords incorrectly. One of the most common errors in keyword logic made by marketers new to paid search, is underestimating the usefulness in seemingly redundant keywords. 

In SEO, it’s only necessary (and practical) to target several keywords per month, for months at a time.

Within AdWords, this logic just doesn’t work. You need to target far more keywords, in particular long tail keywords, for months at a time to gather enough data to dictate your next move.

For example, let’s say you sell or lease a product called a “Dale Harley.” Don’t just rely on the keyword phrase “Dale Harley” to get you results. Try other permutations that are relevant such as “lease Dale Harley” or “Dale Harley price” (which is really affordable!) to attract traffic.

Remember, you really can’t have too many keywords for AdWords, so go nuts.

Nervous about adding a few new additions? That’s ok, one of the most forgotten features of AdWords is the ability to run experiments to test new keywords – just don’t forget to watch and conclude them!

Next, don’t forget match types. Different keywords may have varying levels of relevance to you depending on their match type. An example would be if you were selling “Air Dale sneakers,” you might want to focus more on any modified, broad variations of phrases such as “order air Dales” or “discount air Dales,” rather than the broad match version of any such keywords.

Remember, you’re paying per click, so make them count the best you can!

Obviously, these are pretty basic PPC tips that we can dive into in greater detail later, but for now, let’s just satisfy ourselves with the knowledge that good keyword selection is going to take some work. But remember, don’t just use keywords that you like – use keywords that your current customers and potential customers are using to find you and your products or services.

While keyword selection is one of the most basic aspects of any campaign, it’s also one of the most important. Don’t miss out on reaching a consumer who really wants what you offer, simply because you didn’t choose to more effectively target them.

Think about your perfect customer – how do they search? What exactly would they search to find a business like yours? Once you identify your buyer, you’re one step closer to the almighty conversion!

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