Information, Not Opinion, Leads Twitter

Marketers monitoring Twitter for mentions of their brand may have noticed that microbloggers are more likely to give or seek information than to sound off about a product, good or bad.

Of nearly 150,000 tweets that named brands, nearly one-half of them were simply “comments”-posts that mentioned a brand, but where the primary focus was something else. A further 18.1% were information-providing and 11.1% were information-seeking.

That left just 22.3% of tweets about brands that expressed an opinion one way or another. The good news for marketers: Twitter users were much more likely to express positive sentiments than negative.

One-third of all tweets that expressed brand-related sentiment were “great,” and nearly one-fifth were “swell,” according to the labeling scheme used by the researchers.

While brands often worry about consumers bad-mouthing them via social media, they are also aware of the potential for communicating with customers via channels such as Twitter.

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