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How To Stay Connected To Your Customers Until They Are Ready To Buy

In the automotive industry, we know our customers are doing a ton of research online before they make a purchase in our showroom. If we don’t impress our customers at first glance with our website, provide them excellent downloadable content to help navigate them through their buying journey, and stay connected with them while they are still deciding if and when they are ready to buy, we could be missing out on a large portion of sales volume for the month.

Here’s how to stay connected with you customers until they’re ready to buy.

A Website Built For Mobile Shopping

You need to provide a website experience that is built for mobile devices. When was the last time you looked at your website on a mobile device? Could it use an update? Most shoppers use their mobile device for shopping so if you’re website isn’t providing them with a fast and smooth experience, it’s time to update it or risk losing this connection point with your customers.

Calls to Action

Give your visitors reasons to hit the submit button on your website by including graphically designed calls-to-action buttons throughout your website with offers your customers would find helpful. Include relevant ebooks, your monthly educational newsletter or buying guides for your vehicles to stay connected to your customers and keep your dealership on top of mind as they continue to research before buying.

Lead Nurturing

Often times customers aren’t ready to purchase yet, but staying connected with them is important. By utilizing lead nurturing emails you’re not only able to stay on top of mind with your customers, but also provide them with information to help them make their purchase decision. These automated email campaigns are great because they allow you to segment your buyers to allow your sale steam to focus on those ready to buy now while the lead nurturing campaigns can help you stay connected with those who may not be ready just yet. These emails can include information about your specials, offer at test drive or include some of your educational content like a free checklist.


Stream’s Kick-Start Step:

Think about sales from the customers point of view. Do you see holes you could patch up to stay connected with them? Make a list of areas you can focus on this month and work to improve those areas of communication to always provide the customer with what they need until they are ready to buy.


Until next time,


-Dan Woods is a PR Coordinator at Stream Companies