How to Engage with Potential Car Buyers

In this day and age, buying a car has become a bit more than someone stepping into a showroom, taking a look at the inventory, and driving away happy.

It’s important to know how to engage with potential car buyers in this increasingly digital age. Continue reading for some tips about how to break through and educate potential customers.

Information and Accessibility is Key

There’s plenty of information available on the internet these days. Your dealership may already have a website, but think about its functionality and user experience for a moment. Is the information easy to read? Is it informative? Do the drop-downs make sense and lay things out conveniently?

Let’s take a look at some helpful items a dealer should have on a website to reach out to potential customers.

Vehicle reviews: Whether someone has already owned multiple vehicles from the brand you sell or they’re new to the dealership, chances are the lineup has been changed and new features have been added. A vehicle review summarizes a car’s specs, interior amenities, and more.

Comparisons: Many drivers do research these days, but they want to know their options before visiting a dealership. One way to do this is to compare vehicles, either across brands or within the same brand. Providing drivers with vehicle comparisons lets them draw their own conclusions about a car.

Accessible resources: According to AutoTrader, 72 percent of drivers would rather complete the credit application and related financing paperwork online. It’s important to have this resource available online, along with others like a trade-in value tool or payment calculator.

Utilizing Social Media

Twitter and Facebook continue to grow in popularity, so it’s a good idea to be registered and active on these social media channels. But what to do once you’re actually in the driver’s seat?

Use these tools to inform customers of upcoming events you might host like winter coat drives or summer BBQs. When a new model comes in or there’s a recent addition to the pre-owned inventory, buyers should know about it on social media. It’s an easy way to get in touch with people and promote your business.

Successfully Engage With Your Customers

It’s important to be able to engage and interact with potential car buyers. At Stream Companies, we’ll create an integrated marketing strategy that works for your needs. We look forward to hearing from you. Contact us today!