Google Universal Analytics Vs. Google Classic Analytics

Ever wonder what people do on your website?

Google Analytics allows you to understand what your customers are doing on your website.

Thankfully Google is constantly improving their platform.

Recently you may have noticed that Google Analytics has been rolling out with some major analytics changes.

If you haven’t looked at your website’s Google Analytics in a couple months, be ready for a big surprise!

Google is making it easier for companies of all kinds with multiple platforms to gain insights on website traffic.

Google Universal Analytics is huge if you’re a Mobile based company – especially a Mobile App Company.

Basics of Google Universal Analytics

Universal Analytics is a freshly rolled-out option from Google Analytics which introduces features that change the way metrics are collected and organized in your Google Analytics account.

This way, you can get a better understanding of how visitors interact with your website.

Here’s what we think matters

In addition to the standard Google Analytics features, Universal Analytics gives you:

  • New data collection (JavaScript Code): Universal Analytics introduces the analytics.jscode snippet as the primary way of collecting data from your website. This JavaScript is more flexible than previous the Google Analytics ga.js JavaScript.
  • Simple Configuration: It is now much easier to customize your campaigns and search terms. This makes it more versatile for marketers and clients to fully understand  if their marketing campaigns are working properly.
  • Custom dimensions & custom metrics: Getting to the nitty gritty of Analytics was very hard for Webmasters and Marketers prior to Universal Analytics. Universal Analytics has now made it easier to create custom metrics to really dive into what is important for your website.
  • Multi-platform tracking: With Universal Analytics collecting data from any digital device to your Analytics is a new feature. So now you can track more than just websites like mobile apps.

You have a choice, but don’t get left behind

At this time, Google allows you to choose which Analytics code you would like to have on your website.

We wouldn’t be surprised if Google forces you to use Universal Analytics in the near future.

Google is constantly making updates to both its algorithms and its interface. If you’re not keeping up, it’s easy to get left behind.

All the best,

Bob Barilla

Bob is a SEO strategist with Stream Companies and is a certified Google Analytics consultant.