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Engaging Customers with Story-Telling Techniques

The things you purchase and the items inside your home are more than just for productivity—they’re part of your identity, too. Well, that same sentiment applies to your ideal customer.

When it comes down to it, you want to be sure that the message you’re imparting across all advertising platforms tells a story about how that service or item will help the person refine their already dazzling personality and align with their way of life.

By employing these simple techniques, you’ll transform those interested, potential customers into solid leads that’ll help your business thrive. Let’s take a look at some of the best story-telling practices you can use in your content!

Content Creation: Constructing an Inspiring Image

No matter if you’re designing a 30-second commercial, writing a piece of content, or utilizing another advertising platform, plotting out an emotionally charged narrative should be high on your list of priorities.

Once you hook your reader with your content (by adding plenty of creativity), you have the power to take them on a journey with your words or the images on the screen.

By crafting an effective story around the product you’re trying to sell, your customers feel more compelled to purchase a particular service based on the emotions they experienced while reading your content.

Studies have shown that decision-making is largely influenced by consumers’ emotions, rather than the logical side of their brains. That means that advertisers should be focusing more on tapping into a reader’s emotions, rather than simply presenting them with facts.

Your Content + An Engaging Story = Success

While you may be thinking something like, “Do I really want my customer to tear up while reading my content?” Well, regardless what type of emotion they experience while watching your commercial or reading your content, the simple answer is, YES, you do want them to feel a certain way after they’ve absorbed your brand’s message.

Why is this the case? First and foremost, good stories and effective story-telling techniques compel people to change their behaviors or take a certain action to sustain their ideal lifestyle. Here are the four pillars of what an emotion-inciting story can spur in your audience:

  • How they feel about your brand
  • Their interest in your product
  • How well they retain the message you’re trying to send
  • The actions they take

Let’s take a look at an example. When someone begins their search for a new vehicle, they may start off by reviewing the automobile’s specifications. However, this is rarely the deciding factor in what compels them to purchase one car over another.

For the most part, the advertising they see, whether it’s a commercial, website banner ad, or a review, will be the final catalyst in their decision, as well as their experience at the dealership and the test drive.

If your customer feels that your product defines who they are as a person and helps them reach their goals, they’re more likely to choose your brand.

How to Craft Creative Content

Ready to paint your story-telling picture? Start off with a few questions to get your mind going:

  • Who is your perfect buyer?
  • What lifestyle do they lead—are they a busy professional, a parent, a college student, etc.?
  • What makes your customer special?
  • What is special about your product and how will it align with your customers’ goals?
  • How does your brand match the consumer’s personality and identity?

Tip: While crafting your content, think about what you need to say, show, or display to draw the reader in and keep them engaged throughout the entirety of your advertisement. Once you’ve snagged their interest, they’re more likely to become a lead.

Now that you understand more about the power of your customers’ emotions and how to wield story-telling techniques across all content platforms, it’s time to put these practices to the test.

All you have to do is find a fully integrated advertising agency, like Stream Companies, that’s equipped with a get-it-done attitude and a team of imaginative content creators.

To do exactly that, feel free to reach out to us, so that we can help your brand thrive with engaging content that’ll turn those potential customers into leads and results for your company.