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Digital marketing beyond social media

Most people believe that digital marketing is all about social media, but in reality, it is so much more. It is true that social media plays an important role, but it’s only a portion of digital marketing. At a higher level, digital marketing is advertising through different digital channels such as Display, PPC, Email Marketing, Online PR (influencers), etc.

Marketers need to strategize beyond social media to succeed, and here are some strategies that can help you promote your business:

  • Display: It refers to all kinds of graphics and video ads that you come across while browsing on the web.
  • PPC: Better known as paid search engine. This is the result of sponsored ads that appear at the top of the search results. It is usually very easy to identify them because they carry the word “ad” before the advertisement.
  • Email Marketing: Sending messages through emails to potential or existing customers. This digital channel has been around for decades and is a direct way to reach customers with relevant information. The reason is very simple, the consumers are attached to their emails. Just ask yourself, how many times have you reviewed your email so far today?
  • Online PR: Influencers and bloggers are a great way to spread your message. However, you should be very careful when selecting them. There must be a connection between their posts and blogs with your business, so their audience turns into potential customers for you.

Using the combination of different digital channels will provide a greater and better consumer’s reach. What are you waiting for to start a comprehensive and effective marketing strategy?

If you’re ready to speak with a specialist to know more about content strategies for different digital marketing channels that can benefit your business, let’s talk!