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Sarah Throne, Stream Companies’ COO, Honored with AutoSuccess’ Women at the Wheel Award

Stream Companies COO Wins AutoSuccess Award

Stream Companies proudly announces that Sarah Throne, Chief Operating Officer, has been recognized as one of the honorees for the 2024 AutoSuccess Women at the Wheel award. This prestigious accolade celebrates Sarah’s outstanding contributions and leadership within the automotive industry.

AutoSuccess’ Women at the Wheel program highlights women who are game changers in their field—sparking change and driving results. The program recognizes top female automotive professionals who lead the charge from the boardroom to the service department. Honorees will be profiled in the June 2024 edition of AutoSuccess magazine and on, showcasing their many accomplishments that often go unrecognized.

AutoSuccess’ Women at the Wheel honors women ranging from executive roles to service department managers and dealership owners who stand out through their innovative approaches, business savvy, and exemplary leadership. Sarah Throne’s visionary leadership and dedication have been instrumental in driving Stream Companies’ growth and success, making her a deserving recipient of this honor.

Since assuming the role of Chief Operating Officer, Sarah has led with innovation and agility, spearheading initiatives that enhance operational efficiency and foster a culture of collaboration and empowerment within Stream Companies.

Under her guidance, Stream Companies has achieved remarkable milestones, including…

  • Focused Specialization: Sarah led the reorganization and realignment of departments, forming specialized teams tailored to diverse client needs, which has ensured personalized service and optimal resource allocation.
  • Boosted Operational Efficiency: Through Sarah’s restructuring efforts, client account management processes have become more streamlined and scalable, maintaining high service quality while supporting growth.
  • Remarkable Growth and Expansion: Under Sarah’s leadership, the agency has experienced significant growth. Her establishment of clear career paths and leadership opportunities has motivated the workforce, positioning the agency for continuous expansion.
  • Innovative Digital Marketing in the Automotive Sector: Sarah has transformed digital marketing strategies by fostering a client-centric approach, setting new benchmarks for excellence in the automotive industry.
  • Championing Employee Growth and Women in Leadership: Sarah’s advocacy for women in leadership has led to notable advancements. Leaders like Lauren Sheridan, Amanda Pyne, and Robin Tarleton credit their professional development to Sarah’s mentorship, resulting in a majority of leadership roles at Stream being occupied by women.

As Stream Companies continues to expand its presence in the digital advertising space, Sarah’s leadership will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in shaping the company’s future trajectory.

About Stream Companies:

Stream Companies is a full-service, fully integrated, tech-enabled advertising agency. With over 27 years of growth and experience in advertising and digital marketing, Stream Companies uses a data-driven and solutions-oriented approach to deliver retail traffic to businesses across the United States.

Stream has partnered with over 1,000 businesses in numerous industries, such as automotive, education, healthcare, finance, and more. Automotive clients include some of the biggest publicly and privately owned dealership groups in the U.S.

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