adnomics digital marketing reporting tool

Learn about Stream Companies’ New Proprietary Reporting tool: Adnomics

I’m sure you’ve heard the quote that if you don’t learn from the past, you’re doomed to repeat it. Right? Well, the same goes for marketing. If you don’t learn from the marketing efforts you’ve made MoM or YoY, then you’re doomed to repeat them. That’s why having a reporting tool like Stream Companies’ Adnomics is a necessity for your business’ success.


The new Adnomics platform is clear, concise, and easy for employees and the client to use. You’re able to see full coverage of key account-level metrics in one place, which makes it easier to “tell the story” of the previous month’s performance. This is a helpful tool for first-time users, as you can quickly switch between MoM and YoY comparisons and easily identify positive and negative trends in digital marketing from a high-level overview.


This platform breaks down and highlights crucial Facebook data from the ads that ran within the dates selected. Ad previews are shown next to these results, which gives everyone a clear overall view of graphics, ad copy, and performance. These features allow employees to adjust strategy as needed which leads to optimal social results MoM.


The best thing about the new platform, from the SEO standpoint, has to do with where Adnomics pulls all the data. The platform pulls the data from the “filtered” view in Google Analytics. This filters out all spam and bot traffic, dealership IP addresses, and Stream IP addresses, giving you a one-stop shop for the most clear, concise SEO results for your business.


The dashboard provided in the PPC section gives employees the ability to compare paid search performance to total on-site performance through all channels. The performance of the ad itself and the on-site engagement after clicking through are separated, which makes it especially easy for first-time users to read. Adnomics makes learning from integration easier than ever as you can quickly shift to a different channel’s view; and view grouping of traffic by device and top three conversion channels.

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If you’re ready to take your company’s marketing performance to the next level, let’s talk Adnomics!