Who We Partner With(ADDP 2.0) Acura Digital Dealer Program

Acura Digital Dealer Program

ADDP 2.0 Certified Advertising Partner for the Acura Digital Dealer Program

The Acura brand is without a doubt one of the most popular on the road today. As an Acura dealership, you need an advertising partner that understand the intricacies of these cars, as well as the desires of their drivers.

Stream Companies is proud to be an Acura certified partner. Our goal is to synthesize our Acura know-how with our vast advertising expertise and data driven approach, delivering an integrated advertising strategy that nets more web traffic and  foot traffic in your showroom. 

Acura Program Benefits  

Benefits of being on program include pre-negotiated rates, automated billing to parts statement, co-op management, listing on the Acura national site, and approved and vetted providers. Let our partnership with Acura produce real results for you!

When you enroll in the A-spec or Advanced package, SEO is included and is eligible for your Regional Marketing Funds.

Partner with a Fully Integrated Acura Digital Dealer Partner Today

Your market may be saturated with other Acura dealerships, but you can still rise above the rest—as long as you have the right advertising strategy! Stream Companies is a certified partner to the Acura Digital Dealer Program (ADDP 2.0), and now we want to be your partner too.  

If you’re ready to experience the dynamic results of a fully integrated advertising strategy, contact our experts today! 

Acura MDX

What’s on Program for Acura

Stream is one of the providers added to the Acura Digital Dealer Program, built to deliver high-quality advertising at excellent value to our dealership partners. When your dealership is on program with Stream, these advertising services will be submitted on program: 

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Integrated Marketing Cloud (IMC)

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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Paid Search Advertising

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Web Merchandising

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Display Advertising & Retargeting

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Social Media Advertising

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