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A Shopper-Focused Solution for Customer Retention

Closing a sale should never be the end of the road in your customer relationship. It should be a fresh start, flush with opportunity. Customers who have purchased, leased, or serviced with you before need a reason to come back. Let’s give it to them.

Show your customers you’re dedicated to making their retail experience easier. Activ8 provides a virtual Vehicle Wallet for every customer. This fully personalized experience isn’t old-school equity mining. It’s a completely one-of-a-kind new tool.

A Vehicle Wallet in Customers’ Pockets

Your wallet keeps your cash, credit cards, and driver’s license in one convenient place. What if you could do the same for your customers’ vehicle information? Activ8 brings this concept to life with a virtual Vehicle Wallet.

The Vehicle Wallet solves a problem many drivers share. It gives them one convenient place to view their vehicle data and stay on top of payments and service. With it, any customer can quickly access their:

Your customers can access this information from their web browser or personalized emails. Use the tool that serves your customers and helps retain them through the power of AI.

Stay in Touch with Monthly Statements

Once a month, customers who have bought or leased a car with you will receive an email. It’s a personal vehicle statement that links directly to their Vehicle Wallet if they want to see or edit information. Emails are tailored to drivers and their vehicles as well, making for a more personal experience.

Whether it’s service or refinancing, there are so many ways to use this feature to continue serving your customers long after they buy. And when they’re ready for their next new car, you’ll be there!

See Customer Data on the Powerboard

Track your retention efforts with Activ8’s powerboard. Use it to see how customers fit into segments like lease overage or high APR. We’ll also show you if emails are being opened and by whom, so you know what’s working.

To provide an individualized view of drivers, you can view a profile of each customer, too. These profiles come with timelines that let you track the actions your customers take in real time.

You’ll see when emails have been delivered—and when customers have opened them. When customers access their Vehicle Wallets or visit your dealership website, you’ll know, too.

This level of reporting, combined with the ability to see who is shopping publicly vs. privately, provides a more transparent view of customer activity than ever before.

Cultivate Customer Loyalty with Activ8

So often, customers who buy or lease cars put the dealer in the rearview mirror when they drive off the lot. It’s up to you to give them reasons to continue to engage, and Activ8 does exactly that.

Tackle retention from the consumer’s perspective by offering a streamlined solution to their problems. Reach out to your premier retention resources at Stream Companies and request a demo today!

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