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A Window into Your Dealership’s Culture

If we opened up your dealership’s social media pages—Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn—right now, what would we see? Would your content entertain and inform users enough to pull them away from updates from their friends, even for a few seconds?

Likes and follows mean nothing without engagement! You need strong social content to drive follow-up interactions with your audience. That’s how you build a social community that powers sales.

But first things first: You need your posts and ads to be seen by the right people. Stream Companies can help you do that with an automotive social media strategy tailored to your needs and goals.

Data Rides Shotgun:

Your Social Strategy

Every business can benefit from social media accounts. To earn the best returns on the time and money you put into posts and ads, you need to manage your accounts to help your brand stand out.

At Stream, we do that with data-inspired creativity. Creativity will always be our superpower, the engine driving our captivating content. But data is the roadmap that guides us from Point A to Point B. Our process is built on over a decade of user information from leading social media platforms.

We harvest data to help you market more efficiently. With information like user purchasing behaviors, occupations, educational backgrounds, locations, and more, we’ll help you identify the people most likely to buy. Then, it’s just a matter of speaking their language!   

AutoSnapp Content from the Dealer Floor

What does it mean to have a social “community”? Healthy communities shine a light on every member, and that starts with your people on the front lines.

AutoSnapp by FullThrottle lets anyone on your staff—sales or service—upload videos and photos from the dealership floor. It could be an inventory photo, a satisfied customer celebrating a new car, or even a backstage look at the camaraderie of your team.

You can caption and tag your content, too. Let us know who bought the car, the make/model/color for sale, and the story behind the image. You can then easily post your content to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn—the power’s in your hands.

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“Social” Means No Silos: Integrated Digital

As any popular social media influencer will tell you, it’s all about building an audience. When you choose an integrated advertising partner like Stream, that game becomes a whole lot easier.

Our social media specialists work closely with Pay Per Click (PPC) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategists to pinpoint prospective customers and draw them in. PPC and SEO are great for getting your dealer noticed, but social media sparks continual engagement—and thus, return service and sales.

With all your digital stars aligned, you can stay on message across media and provide a seamless user experience. It makes marketing more efficient on your end and drives real, measurable results.   

Sell More Cars with Automotive Social Media

There’s no one-size-fits-all to selling cars and service with social media. We want to hear your goals and mission first, and we’ll build your strategy around them.

We have our processes down to a science, from timing the content to picking great pieces of inventory to feature. And we craft stories that resonate with your audience in a just a few short words.

Reach out to our team at Stream Companies and set your automotive social media strategy to Sales. We look forward to taking this journey with you!

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