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How Does Video Set You Apart From the Competition?

In the ongoing effort to attract, engage, and delight consumers, the rise of video has become an essential tool for marketers. Looking to share relevant information about products and services in front of new and existing customers? Video may be your answer.

We all know how a cute or funny video can be a great way to attract a lot of short-term attention, but exactly how does video set you apart from the competition in a way that provides a tangible and lasting impact? Read on to learn more!

Video Increases Conversion Rates

To put it plainly, your team can work day and night creating stellar content, but it won’t mean a thing if it doesn’t end up moving any customers through the business cycle.

It has been found that companies that use well-crafted videos, offering useful and timely information, can often grow their revenue up to 49% faster than companies that don’t employ the same strategy. Here’s another fascinating statistic: According to Tubular Insights1, 64% of consumers are likely to make a purchase after watching a piece of branded video content.

Video Leaves a Positive Impression

According to a 2018 report from HubSpot2, 90% of customers say that videos are helpful in their decision-making process, while an incredible 80% of people will remember an engaging video they viewed in the past 30 days.

This power to stay top-of-mind not only makes it easier for your sales team to convert leads, but it also positions your company as a valued resource. People like working with companies they trust, and video can create an emotional connection in ways other marketing falls short. 

Video Improves SEO

In today’s market, a company thrives on its content’s search engine ranking.  A high ranking means higher click-through rates, which results in greater ROI—all while your competition is vying to trump your position with their own content.

One way that search engines decide which content gets pushed to the top of the list is the amount of time people spend on a page. According to MarTech3, embedding a well-optimized video into your content can increase your chances of being featured on Google’s front page by as much as 53%!

Video Fits Our Mobile World

The increase in smartphone usage and mobile devices means that people are consuming a staggering amount of information daily. This constant barrage of information means that not only do you need to share the right message, but you need to deliver it in an appealing and digestible manner, too.

It’s reported that posting videos to sites like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter generates 12 times the shares and retweets than text and images alone. This means a simple, well-made video can be viewed and shared with a wider audience in a fraction of the time it takes your competitors to create and share similar content through a different medium.

Let Stream Help You Stand Out From The Competition

If you’re looking to gain an edge in your local market or develop an effective strategy to engage new customers, our web, technical, and creative teams are here to help

We’ll design a video strategy that not only will enhance your site’s overall user experience, but also one that converts more leads. To get started, contact Stream Companies today, and we’ll connect viewers to your video content in no time.


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