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5 Scripts to Help Manage Your PPC Campaigns Within Google Ads

Using scripts in Google Ads is a great way to help automate tedious tasks within your PPC campaign and will help increase your account performance. Scripts also give you a ton of data to help you focus on the overall strategy of the account, instead of spending time collecting and organizing data.  Check out our five favorite scripts to utilize in Google Ads:

  1. Budget Scripts

The budget script is extremely helpful if you don’t have an unlimited budget for your campaign. Instead of worrying near the end of the month if you are going to go over budget, place this script on your account. It will place a label on the ads and pause your ads when you have hit your allotted budget.

Helpful hint: Set your daily budget within the script to be about $10 less than the actual budget, and don’t forget to set the frequency to run to every hour. By setting the budget at a lower interval, you will more than likely be closer to your actual budget, since the script only runs every hour.

  1. A Script for Misspellings

This script will help pick up any misspellings that you can use as a phrase match negative keyword, by finding the ones you are missing by looking through your search query report. Why is this important? If a single character is left out in a search, ads can show for those keywords, even if there is a similar phrase match negative keyword in place. This script will provide suggested negatives into a Google Sheet after you enter a phrase that is already a phrase match negative. The script looks at the search query report for queries that contain that phrase and that could have the phrase attached to other words. Once you go through the Google sheet, you can add the suggested negatives in as an account or campaign level negative.

  1. Ad Performance Script

Don’t have the time to sort through poor performing ads or you just implemented a new ad and are curious to see how it’s doing? This ads performance script will pull out a few recommendations for your ads and will export the results into a Google Sheet. The sheet will be under a folder in your Google Drive titled “Ads Performance Reports” with the sheet having your Google Ads account name and Customer ID. The Google sheet will display three rows that are color-coded with recommendations. The recommendations are as follows:

  • Pause the poor performing ads
  • Pause all ads except the ads that are proven to be winners
  • Reactive some of the better performing ads that have been paused

This script will not make any changes to your account, however will just provide you with some helpful insights.

  1. Keyword Performance Script

The keyword performance script is similar in nature to the ad performance script in that it utilizes Google Sheets and Google Drive. This script will pull how your keywords are performing into a Google Sheet, displaying the quality score and average ad position. This report is helpful for deciding on whether you should keep or pause underperforming keywords within the account.

  1. Link Checker Script

The link checker script is perfect for picking up broken links in your ads. As your website continues to evolve and grow, some of your pages might be taken down, and if your ads are directing people to a non-existent page, then you are wasting money. This script will go through ads, keywords, and sitelinks, and will email you if an error response is found.

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