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Smarter People-Based Marketing

Why work harder in your dealership marketing when you could just work smarter? With the help of advanced artificial intelligence, dealerships can predict and capitalize on opportunities previously unavailable to them, all with more precision than ever.

A tailored, intelligent marketing experience is only clicks away with Fiona AI from the FullThrottle Automotive Marketing Platform!

Get a Full View of the Buyer Journey

We’re living in the information age, and consumers are more empowered than they’ve ever been before. They have the knowledge and the resources to engage with brands and make decisions wherever and whenever.

Some marketing technologies want to tell shoppers how to think. Fiona AI understands the shopper knows best, and it nurtures their decision-making power with intelligent finesse.

Today, 47.3% of shoppers are inclined to buy the same make from the same dealership. As much as 52.7% are ready to leave you. Tailor your marketing strategy directly to them, and the scales will tip.

How Does It Work?

Fiona AI

Fiona AI is always on, seven days a week, working for consumers and dealerships simultaneously. Its multi-pronged technology helps personalize the customer experience and aid in retention via four simple steps.

Marketing Exactly When Shoppers Want It

Nobody wants to get blasted with emails day after day, especially when they’re not currently in the market for what you’re selling. Fiona AI ensures that customers only receive marketing when it truly makes sense.

Based on click patterns and engagement, it’s easy for Fiona AI to tell when a driver might be ready to buy again. At this time, you can send them in-demand vehicle listings to set the wheels in motion.

Fiona AI stores and connects data points and asks all the right questions, allowing you to tell a better story of where we’ve been, and a more strategic story of what to do next.

Razor-Sharp Reporting in Simple Dashboard Format

Want to manage the shopper experience further? Fiona AI offers laser-precise reporting on an easy-to-read dashboard. You’ll find everything all in one place, from customer stories to household data.

One of the most useful benefits is access to customer timelines. You can track their every open and click, as well as marketing deliverables to track what landed and what didn’t.

With this kind of tailoring, the Fiona AI shopper experience is one that always fits like a glove.

Make Marketing Personal with Fiona AI

Predictive and artificial intelligences are the future. By this same token, one-size-fits-all marketing strategies are in the past. It’s time to cruise into tomorrow with a smart, tailored approach that works for drivers and dealerships alike.

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