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Business Intelligence

Sound Business Advice Backed by Data

The advertising realm is both broad and deep, making the need for data backed decision-making crucial in an advertising partner.

At Stream Companies, we leverage our own historical data and strategic partnerships with leading providers to create customized advertising solutions that provide real results for your business.

Integrated Reporting & Analytics

Getting a maximum ROI across advertising mediums requires a little looking back and a lot of looking forward. Our proprietary reporting tool, Adnomics, energizes and informs each of our marketing campaigns by collecting in-depth, integrated information about your business, its performance across digital and traditional advertising efforts, as well as its industry position and outlook.

This robust, ever-tracking data set lays the foundation for making wise and actionable business decisions unique to your industry and company.

Strategic Data Sharing Partnerships

Stream is ahead of the game: Partnered up with some of the top technology providers out there for data mining and prioritization. These cutting-edge tools, like Oracle’s Auto Elite Data Marketing Program are utilized across our departments for unified business intelligence.

Experience is the Best Teacher

In addition to using industry data to inform our recommendations, Stream calls on 20+ years of providing advertising services to our clients in a variety of industries.

We understand the unique challenges of your business and the prevalent trends out there. Using this information, we can create a targeted approach to your goals that’s backed by both experience and data.

Throw Us ALine

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