Account Director

Cory has spent his career learning how to navigate dealerships and make them more profitable. From keeping up on what makes the most successful dealerships tick, he’s become a great resource with an understanding of how to identify opportunities to grow Sales, F&I and build out strategies to make Fixed Ops more profitable.

Cory believes listening, teaching and understanding what is most important to clients is how relationships are built and trust is earned. He is relentless, well respected for his tenacity and on a mission to help clients who want to grow their businesses. You may also find him educating dealers at a local Automotive Dealers Association or working with various 20 groups. Cory has a true passion for Marketing and making a difference (a key reason he joined the team and their mission at Stream).

He spends most of his free-time with his amazing wife. They enjoy traveling, trying new restaurants, and have found an appreciation for good craft beer.