Senior Account Director

Brad Paschal is a digital ninja!  He is an SEO master, a digital footprint sasquatch, and one incredible innovator when it comes to taking people online so that he can take them offline for the sale, and then online for a 5-star review. He is the 2016 Driving Sales Best Idea Winner, #3 Volkswagen CPO Master for 2016, and Senior Account Director for Stream Companies.  He has presented at Digital Dealer, Driving Sales, at leadership conference, sales and marketing conferences, and on numerous webinars. Brad was recognized as the first VEST graduate in the Texas Panhandle, was the #1 salesperson for the VW store in 2014, again in 2015, and was recognized as the being in the top 12 Volkswagen CPO salespeople in the U.S.

 In 2016, Brad took on the role of e-Commerce director for the Street Auto Group brand, serving both Toyota and Volkswagen.  During that tenure, he won more than a dozen awards for the brand, racked up over 700 positive Google reviews for Street AG, and helped Street be the top car dealership in the Texas Panhandle and beyond.   Brad’s next challenge landed him on the vendor side of the business road.  In March of 2017, Brad began focus on helping as many dealerships as possible pave smooth roads between the dealership and the customer, eliminate roadblocks to doing great business, and build brand reputation for those dealerships.  Brad has always said that the key to great business rests with building great relationships.  Online, offline, and everywhere in between, that is exactly what Brad is known for!

As a Servant Leader, Brad helps and volunteers his services with The Turn Center, Boy Scouts of America, Tascosa Lions Club, Amarillo Chamber of Commerce Business Council, Snack Pack 4 Kids, and many more charities and non-profits in Amarillo.