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Increasing Business and Customer Interactions

Email marketing is the single most effective digital marketing program for customer retention. It’s intimate, it’s immediate, and it has the potential to deliver a huge return on investment for your business—not to mention, it’s the fastest way to get your company’s message to your customers.

At Stream, your email marketing campaign is handled by a designated team of email developers and strategists who absolutely love email marketing. We stay up-to-date on the latest industry news and techniques, playing an active role in the professional community. That’s how we can stay ahead of outdated content management systems and do-it-yourself templated email service providers that are constantly updating and changing how their platforms operate.

Email Marketing with Stream Companies

More than 50% of consumers reported using a smartphone or tablet to access their email, which is why we use responsive designs and coding to ensure that your email adapts to whatever screen it’s being viewed on. Now, one email campaign can instantly optimize itself for displaying on a desktop, a tablet, or a mobile phone without forcing the recipient to pinch or zoom to view the entire message. With our responsive email designs, we’ve been able to average 67% more opens and 22% more clicks.

We also like to be thorough. Every email campaign is tested in over 57 combinations of the most popular email clients and mobile devices. From desktop to smartphone, Gmail to Yahoo, you can be sure that your email will appear just how you intend it to.

Delivering Results in Dollars and Cents

Our email marketing service not only helps to drive traffic to your company’s website, but we’ll show you how it’s increasing business, too. Whether that means tracking sales, sign-ups, conversions, forwards, social shares—you name it—we can show you exactly how your email marketing campaign is performing using whatever metrics you’d prefer.

You’ll even be able to see who’s opening your email, how long they read it, and what they clicked on next. That kind of insight into customer behavior isn’t just a great way to gauge the success of your email, but also a way for your business to learn more about who your customer is.

To learn more about how an effective email marketing campaign can increase business and improve your relationship with your customers, contact us today!

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