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Bringing the Customer to You—Signed, Sealed, Delivered

In this technologically advanced world of smartphones and virtual cloud storage, a large number of your prospects and customers actually enjoy getting direct mail. There’s something nostalgic about receiving a physical letter in a physical mailbox. But how do you get them to go from merely reminiscing to actually engaging with your letter and contacting your business?

At Stream, our team of direct mail experts will start by constructing a well-planned direct mail strategy that’s supported by concrete data. Once your strategy is in place, our in-house design team will create the mailer, taking into account any input you provide. We can even make it look like it was sent right from your office, complete with a handwritten sticky note and a live stamp.

Work that Benefitted from our Direct Mail

Operation Warm

Direct Mail // Posters // Print Ads

In order to spread the word, this non-profit needed eye-catching designs for mailers, posters, and more. As an advertising partner, Stream helped create consistent marketing materials to drive donations and brand recognition.

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Direct Mail with Stream Companies

All our direct mail list recommendations are carefully and meticulously prepared using a combination of existing customers and prospects. We dig deep into each list, going from entry to entry, so we can remove duplicates, scrub out entries to which a mailer shouldn’t be sent, and clean up data so it’s clear and correct.

Finally, we take care of the printing and mailing and will even ensure that your campaign is compliant with any co-op requirements your business must meet. All you have to do is sit back and watch customers flock in.

100% Trackable = Detailed Results

One of the biggest benefits of direct mail is that it allows you to accurately track and measure the success of each campaign down to the individual recipient. At Stream, we can accomplish this reporting in a few ways, depending on what action you want your audience to take.

If you want them to call your business, then we’ll set up a unique tracking number specifically for that mailer. If you want to increase foot traffic in your store, we can attach a promotion to the mailer that the customer must present to redeem it.

But one of the best ways to track the success of your direct mail campaign is by measuring conversions. By comparing the mailer list to your sales/service reports, we can accurately measure conversions and see exactly who responded to your mailer.

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