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Lost Customers Can Be Found Again.

A dealership sinks or swims based on its ability to retain customers. Every customer who passes through your showroom doors should be incentivized to return to your dealership for future automotive needs.

Every dealership will lose customers—it’s unavoidable. However, not every lost customer is a lost cause! Stream Companies developed Service Drive to recapture lost customers and remind them of the value your dealer can offer them. How? It’s simple: service.  

Your dealer’s service center is a major driver of business, but most marketing focuses on sales. It’s time to drive more service traffic to your dealership with the integrated marketing team at Stream!

Target Lost Customers with Laser Precision

Understanding Service Drive starts with knowing how we define a “lost customer.” We use Service Drive to help you target people who have previously transacted with your store. Specifically, our team will look at those who never returned over the course of several months up to a couple years.

It isn’t as simple as marketing to your entire customer database. Instead, we identify the best prospects in that index based on several parameters. Just a fraction of any massive customer database is viable, and just a fraction of those are what we consider “lost.”

When we’ve identified the best people to market to, it’s just a matter of making ads with the customized creative you need to connect with these lost customers.

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Why Market Service & Repairs?

We call it Service Drive for a reason: We want to generate more work for the technicians who staff your service and parts centers.

There’s a strategy behind this. After all, customers who have bought a vehicle from you in the past few months to a couple years usually won’t want to upgrade their vehicle in that timeframe. They’ll be most interested in factory maintenance and repairs for their car.

But research has also shown that drivers who make a habit of servicing their vehicle at a dealership are far more likely to purchase their next car there. Service Drive lets you maintain the relationship that will retain them as customers when that milestone arrives! 

Stream’s Omnichannel Strategy

When we identify the best prospects to go after, we use an omnichannel strategy to market to them. In other words, we speak to them in a consistent, credible, and compelling way across all media we use:

Only an integrated automotive agency like Stream can do this effectively. Because our departments and teams work together, we can keep every piece of communication on message. Clear communication is a necessary first step for a more efficient and effective marketing funnel.

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Drive Service & Drive Retainment Too

No dealer can go wrong with service as a retainment strategy! When you’re ready to optimize that tactic and see more customers return to your service department, drop us a line at Stream Companies. We can show you how Service Drive will guide more former customers back through your doors!    

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