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Philadelphia Advertising Agency, Stream Companies, Releases Inspirational Video as a Tribute to the Nation’s Car Dealers

Posted: June 10, 2014

Stream Companies express gratitude for local car dealers with a compelling and heartwarming YouTube video

Stream Companies, a fully integrated advertising agency, has released a video that captures a more personal, sincere perspective of our nation’s automotive dealerships.

Released in early May, the video articulates a clear and meaningful message of appreciation for local car dealerships through the illustration of familiar and significant life milestones. As the video progresses, it’s revealed that each of these milestones and precious moments are commonly facilitated by one thing – a car.

The video also communicates the impact car dealerships have on their local communities and on the nation. Whether through charitable donations, outreach programs, scholarships, job creation, or support of our military, fire departments, and educational institutions, local car dealerships are playing an active role right in the neighborhoods of their customers and throughout the United States.

“Jason Brennan and I were truly looking forward to the launch of this video,” said David Regn, co-founder of Stream Companies. “Having spent the last 18 years working closely with automotive dealerships across the U.S., it’s been incredible to see how each dealership plays a unique and powerful role in their local communities. Unfortunately, this often goes unrecognized. Our goal with this video was to showcase car dealerships, their employees, and applaud the significant impact they continue to have on improving our local communities and our nation as a whole. In short, we just wanted to say, ‘Thanks.’”

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