Stream Power Search: Your Auto Endemic Publisher Network

The Benefits of Stream Power Search View Plans

Stream Power SearchPay as You Go

Advertise without the restrictions of fixed unique users or clicks. Your dealership will pay only for the clicks your ads receive over a standard cost per click. This means you can forget about wasted dollars paying for ads that don’t generate results. Plus there’s no minimum budget or long-term contracts required!

Stream Power SearchFlexible

Want to send customers to a specific vehicle description page (VDP)? How about to a certain vehicle search results page (SRP) to show your current inventory for a specific model? Deep linking with Stream Power Search is flexible, allowing you to determine what’s the most important content for your customers to see after they click on your ad.

Stream Power SearchTransparent Reporting

There’s no guessing about whether your ads are working. We’ll send you clear and detailed reporting with mid-month optimizations and ad hoc data requests when they’re needed. We’ll even provide insights on industry/platform performance benchmarks for the same make/model campaigns.

Use Your Digital Ads Wisely – Put Customers in the Digital Driver’s Seat View Plans

When your sales team is pursuing a lead, one of the main things they need to know is what the buyer is looking for. After all, you wouldn’t try to sell an SUV to someone looking for a coupe.

With Stream Power Search, you not only have the ability to send dynamic ads to your digital visitors, but they’ll appear in places that seem natural and intuitive for the shopper.

So if someone visits your dealership’s website and looks for used sedans, you can send them ads that lead to your used sedan SRPs. If they look at a specific make and model, then your ads can send them to a specific VDP. It’s all about delivering the right ad to the right person at the right time in the right place.

Our team will show you how your ads are performing with advanced reporting and custom tracking parameters. We can even make adjustments to your ads mid-month to optimize your current campaign and send you data when needed.

Your Power Search Plan


Reach the most relevant car shoppers in real-time using our exclusive network of automotive publishers. Engage and deep link shoppers to pages of your choosing.

Platform Features:
  • Inventory sourced dynamic ad creation (New/Used)
  • Responsive design ads: reach consumers across any device to ensure a cohesive cross-platform UX
  • Advanced geo-targeting – national, regional, local & zip specific options
  • Reach the right people at the right time:
    • Make/Model combinations of your choice
    • Brand or Conquest Ads
    • Full control of Ad text and Image assets
  • Advanced reporting with custom tracking parameters
Service USPs:
  • Minimum 5% CTRs guaranteed
  • Flexible: Drive traffic to VDP or SRP
  • Transparent and detailed reporting. Ad-hoc data requests and Mid-month optimizations included
  • Insights on industry/platform performance benchmarks for same make/model campaigns

Recommended Starting Budget: $3.50/click