Reputation Management: Take Control of Your Online Image

The Benefits of Reputation Management View Plans

Reputation ManagementManage

It’s critical to look not only at the day-to-day reviews but also at how customers are responding to your business, your staff, and the overall experience. With alerts and emails in real time, we’re available to work with you to address, respond, and resolve any issues with an efficient turnaround time. Utilizing our easy-to-navigate reputation engagement suite dashboard, we can view, engage, flag, share, and track where reviews are coming from month over month and year over year to track reoccurring wins or obstacles and overall sentiment.

Reputation ManagementMonitor

Stream Companies will monitor your reputation by optimizing your presence on selected review sites, responding to negative reviews to mitigate any harmful effects, addressing positive reviews to show a proactive approach and establish long-term relationships with customers, and requesting that inappropriate reviews be flagged and removed.

Reputation ManagementBuild with the Feedback Finder

Instead of waiting for reviews and reacting as they appear, Stream instantly solicits customer feedback through automated personalized emails, directing positive experiences to designated review sites. Within 24 hours of visiting, customers are prompted to share their experience. If they liked their experience, they’re asked to leave a public review on site. If people disliked their experience, they’re taken to a feedback form, looping in the GM and any other important parties to help resolve issues one-on-one.

Know What Your Customers Are Saying About You View Plans

Consumers can make or break a brand’s digital reputation, so it’s important to be responsive, attentive, and engaged with the online conversation about your company. Stream’s approach is always one-step ahead, automatic, and unique, – aimed at promoting an increase in positive reviews for the dealership with a goal of capturing any negative feedback privately so it can be resolved offline.

By following our Manage, Monitor & Build approach and incorporating our reputation engagement suite dashboard, we can help your dealership succeed online and increase the amount of reviews on your pages to help boost your overall online presence.

A proactive, responsive, and customized digital presence results in a healthy relationship with your customer base, allowing potential shoppers to engage, inquire, and interact in real time with fellow patrons and personnel and getting them the answers they want to drive them to make a purchase.

Your Reputation Management Plan

Strategy, Planning, & Ongoing Analysis

  • Daily Review Monitoring
  • Actively Responding
  • Feedback Finder
  • Tracking and Reporting

Recommended Starting Budget: $599/mo.*

*Pricing includes monitoring up to 5 sites. Additional sites may be added with a fee of $50 per site per month.
Reputation Engagement Suite Dashboard (one-time platform creation) fee of $150 not included.

Our Reputation Management Services Explained

Daily Review Monitoring

Stream will monitor all dealership mentions and reviews on up to 5 review sites that you choose. Additional sites can be added as requested. Alerts are sent as reviews come in to any parties requested to be included.

Actively Responding

Managing your online presence by responding to both positive and negative reviews with custom responses and action items to resolve any issues. Stream will also dispute reviews that use foul language and/or are false and alert dealership representatives of any issues.

Feedback Finder

Automatically encourage feedback and reviews with custom branded surveys via email, instantly sent to customers after a visit/purchase.

Tracking and Reporting

Prepare and deliver monthly reputation management reports and strategy calls as needed.