Beautiful Certified Email Marketing for the Automotive Industry

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Email MarketingTop Email Marketing Specialists

Our team of dedicated email marketing experts is committed to making sure that your campaigns are the best they can be and reach as many people as possible. The team tests every campaign in more than 50 combinations of the most popular email clients and mobile devices in order to be far reaching, fast, and efficient.

Email MarketingUser-Friendly Responsiveness

Utilizing the latest in responsive designs and coding, your email campaigns will adapt to whatever is being used to view them, whether it’s a desktop, tablet, or mobile device. The email campaign renders the best way possible on all devices. These designs make it more appealing to customers, which in turn gets your message across as soon as possible.

Email Marketing analyticsAnalytics

Through email analytics, we get a look at the extensive data on devices, opens, clicks, engagement, forwards, social shares, and more. This allows our team to understand what’s working and what’s not, so your strategy is always ahead of the game. In addition, all links to your website have Google Analytics custom campaign parameters for additional advanced tracking through your analytics account.

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Did you know that email marketing is the single most effective digital marketing program for customer acquisition and retention? It’s intimate, it’s immediate, and it has the potential to deliver a tremendous return on investment for your dealership.

Our team stays ahead of outdated content management systems and do-it-yourself templated email services providers. Your email marketing campaign is handled by a designated team of email developers and strategists who stay up-to-date on the latest industry news and techniques.

Today, people fiercely guard their email accounts. When you send engaging, high-quality email marketing to your current and potential customers, they’re more likely to stay subscribed, and then you’ve successfully built trust with a probable lifelong customer. But more importantly, your dealership now has a personal line of communication with that customer unlike any other marketing medium.

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Pre-Built Template

Ready to send and pre-approved for funding, our pre-built templates are the perfect solution when you need to get your message out quickly and bring traffic to your website and dealership.

  • Responsive design and coding
  • Pre-approved for funding
  • Deployable in 3 business days or less
  • Full engagement reporting
  • Google Analytics custom campaign parameters

Recommended Starting Budget: $499

Custom Template

Branded to your dealership with your custom offers, we’ll build you a custom email template on the foundation of our proven, pre-approved, responsive templates for ongoing use.

  • Responsive design and coding
  • Branded and designed your dealership
  • Tailored spotlight graphic
  • One to eight custom vehicle offers
  • Full engagement reporting
  • Google Analytics custom campaign parameters

Recommended Starting Budget: $649

Conquest Email

Capture in market shoppers with a Stream conquest e-mail.

  • Branded and designed for dealership
  • Responsive Design
  • Proven Campaigns that drive sales
  • Zip Code Targeting
  • Google Analytics tracking
  • ROI Reporting

Recommended Starting Budget: $2,125