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EggZack & Stream Companies Announce Strategic Partnership to Deliver Automated Local Marketing System for Clients

Posted: March 6, 2012

Stream Companies Makes Strategic Investment to Power Expansion of EggZack Solution for Businesses that Serve Local Markets

Bethlehem, PA – EggZack, the automated local marketing solution, today announced that it has received a strategic investment from Stream Companies and that it has formed a partnership with Stream to expand its platform and deliver the solution to local businesses across the Northeast. EggZack provides an automated local marketing solution that is specially designed for businesses that serve local markets. Stream is the fifth largest full-service advertising agency in the Philadelphia area and one of America’s fastest growing private companies, according to the Inc. 500.

“This partnership is exciting for us, because it is with an aggressive marketer who, like us, understands that relevance at the local level is critical for reaching customers and driving transactions,” said Jon Zack, Founder and CEO of EggZack. “Together with Stream, we will offer an unparalleled end-to-end solution for businesses to provide content to their local outlets and for the local outlets to distribute relevant and welcome information that will be seen by their audience.”

EggZack is a client of the Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Northeastern Pennsylvania. Its technology platform combines inbound and outbound marketing to make it easier to increase local visibility and online traffic. Local business owners and operators have struggled to keep up with rapidly changing online technologies and they find it increasingly difficult to deliver relevant content to their audiences, who continue to fragment across many media channels. EggZack solves this with a simple end-to-end solution for sole proprietors, franchises and national chain stores that integrates and automates the management of their website, local marketing, social media, search, email marketing and online marketing with one data entry. In addition, EggZack provides relevant content and useful information that can be used by local owners and operators for marketing.

“The EggZack platform represents a unique opportunity for us and for our clients,” said David Regn, Co-founder of Stream Companies. “At the retail level, we can see how there is a tremendous struggle with complexity and with the need to remain relevant. EggZack makes it easy for local operators to not only adjust to the changes that are happening in the local media world, but to thrive amid them.”

The companies have already begun development and implementation of joint pilot programs.

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