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Writing for the Right Audience: Leveraging Buyer Personas

So…you want to take your blog’s content to the next level, huh? There are few strategies as useful as utilizing a set of well-curated buyer personas—these tools will help you write for the correct audience.

It’s just like when you were back in high school, and your English teacher would always remind you about writing for the right crowd. Except, this time around, it could boost your conversion rates…

What are buyer personas, anyways?

We’ll give it to you straight from the horse’s mouth. Here’s how the expert digital marketers here at Stream Companies define buyer personas: “fictional examples of ideal customers that allow you to effectively market to, engage, and guide various audiences in the decision-making process.”

Along with cleaning up your blog’s look, honing in on your audience is a crucial content strategy.

Why use these buyer personas?

In this case, the ‘why’ question is also known as the ‘how’ question. In other words, ‘how can properly leveraged customer profiles help?’ The insights they provide can do three key things for your business:

  • Help your content speak to the right people.
  • Allow your voice to rise high above the din of the competition.
  • Make you the clear-cut choice.

But, if you want to get the best results, it’s important to combine this approach with other SEO tactics.

4 Practical Examples in Action

Now that you have a better sense of what buyer personas are, why you need them, and how they can help you, we’d like to provide you with four examples of buyer personas that could be helpful for a cutting-edge, automotive-loving integrated advertising agency. Hmm…where could we ever find one of those?

  1. Bob, Automotive Industry Executive: He’s been in the family car business for decades, but he’s selling less and less cars each month. He needs help with high-tech digital marketing techniques.
  2. Cindy, VP of Marketing: She’s tech-savvy and driven; she has to be, to rise through the ranks as quickly as she has. However, she knows that she’ll need an integrated ad team to reach her goals.
  3. Jill, Evangelist: She’s not a potential customer, per se. But, as a digital marketing enthusiast, Jill is an important audience because she’s prone to promoting content that she loves across a few channels.
  4. Matt, Career Candidate: Last, but certainly not least, these personas can be as nifty for attracting the perfect job applicant as they are for attracting the perfect customer. Don’t limit your horizons!

Remember…these are just brief snapshots of buyer personas. The real things would be paragraphs (if not pages) long, and they’d be full of specific demographics and well-researched preferences. Plus, they’d be in the hands of content-crafting experts who know exactly how to use them. Interested?

Chat with one of our buyer persona wizards at Stream Companies!

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