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Write, Post, Repeat: Why Fresh and Frequent Content is Important for Your Website

Google recognizes online businesses who regularly post high-quality, unique content that answers searcher’s questions. In this post, we’ll review how adding new content to your website on a routine basis can help boost your website’s visibility and bring in more qualified leads.

More In-Roads to Your Business

Your Home and About Us pages likely tell a good deal about who you are and what you stand for as a company. But does your website appear on Google in response to common queries that your target audience is searching?

For example, if you’re a local health food store, are you writing about dishes you can make with what’s in-season and on shelves, or tips and tricks to take the stress out of holiday meals?

Creating SEO-optimized content provides the opportunity to show your knowledge in your industry and niche, all while connecting with potential customers. Maintaining a blog creates more pages connected to your website for search engine crawlers to read, index, file away, and pull up when a search query matches that page.

Why Post Each Week?

The word “regimen” indicates timely and continual effort, and that’s exactly how successful blogs become and remain successful. An article by Moz indicates that websites that add new content pages to their website more frequently may earn a higher “freshness” score from Google. Plus, once you’re established in the blogosphere, you shouldn’t keep your readership waiting weeks or months for your next post.

Posting regularly also allows you to engage on more digital platforms. Write a blog about that upcoming pet adoption event you’re sponsoring, then really get some buzz going by sharing it on Facebook. Integrating your digital efforts is a powerful thing and when your users are engaged, Google takes note!

Building Authority Over Time

As more and more online searchers find your content and spend time on your blog, search engines like Google begin to tip their hats—acknowledging that your business is answering users’ questions. The more helpful your post, the higher it will climb on the search engine results pages.

Once you get many posts working for you, your website’s content may need a little freshening up. Think about which new best practices have been put into place that you didn’t have a year ago when you do your auditing.

With a digital advertising agency on your side, you’ll have all the tools you need to identify the topics that are most important to your ideal buyers, plus a team of savvy copywriters who can write to your brand on a regular basis—you’ll be able to cultivate your content into an invaluable marketing tool.

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