Work With Factory Messages, Not Against Them!

Let’s face it. Tier I, Tier II and Tier III are vastly different in their unique messages.

Tier I

The manufacturers. Ford, Chevrolet, Toyota, Audi, Buick, Lincoln, Honda, etc.

Tier I Message:

Tier I advertising is all about creating a desire to be a part of something. This is where a brand’s message shines. For Subaru, it’s a connection to the environment. For Ford Trucks, it’s speaking to the working man. For BMW and Mercedes Benz, it’s all about luxury. Using emotion can also resonate with customers and support branding. A great example of this is Ram’s use of Paul Harvey and the farmer in the 2013 Super Bowl. The ad evokes warmth and possibly even tears.

Tier II

The local or regional associations of dealer groups. For example, FDAF (Ford Dealers Advertising Fund) for Ford. Each dealer pays a portion into the fund to pay for advertising on a regional level.

Tier II Message:

At the Tier II level, you want to focus on urgency. Get the people thinking about buying a vehicle NOW! Whether it’s the Presidents’ Day Sales Event, the Ram Truck Month, the Season of Audi Event or the Ford Sign & Drive event, these all are intended to encourage the public to get up and go…and that NOW is the best time to buy a car!

Tier III

The individual local dealerships like you.

Tier III Message:

Tier III is all about “buy from ME!” This is where the rubber hits the road. It’s where we talk about specific monthly payments or APR offers as the main talking point. There’s little time to waste on emotional messages; this is the opportunity to explain the “why buy from us.” Whether it’s the Ford Focus for $99/mo., 3 years free scheduled maintenance from Audi Philadelphia or Free Car Washes with every purchase… it’s about the benefits of doing business with the local dealer. The message could also include other promotional opportunities such as free gift card, movie tickets or opening day Phillies tickets.

Each Tier has its own goal and message.

Do you ever feel that the factory’s message is different from what you want and need to push? For example, Truck Month is set in stone, but you have too many Ford Fusions on your lot and not enough 4×4 Quad Cab Trucks with 8’ beds. Or maybe the manufacturer waits until one week before a holiday to tell you what its plans are, thus not giving you enough time to properly plan a campaign for your dealership.

Well, that’s where having a good advertising agency as a partner can help you in a number of ways. An experienced automotive agency will help its dealership clients navigate these messages appropriately and ensure there are no precious dollars wasted. This type of agency will help to integrate both the Tier I and Tier II message into your dealership’s core branding