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Top Marketing Automation Mistakes to Avoid

The rewards of inviting an ultra-targeted audience, onto a list or group, and delivering relevant content to this group, far outweigh any other marketing method currently available. Especially when you ask this group to buy something from you.

In fact, once you understand and successfully deploy one marketing automation campaign, you can simply, with a few minor tweaks, replicate it into several micro campaigns for each product or service you wish to offer.  When you become proficient at deploying these campaigns, you’ll feel like you’re “printing money” every time a new lead comes in.However, one minor mistake could cause a significant difference in the results of an automation campaign. Let’s examine some the minor mistakes to help maximize your marketing efforts, when fixed.

Mistake #1 – The campaign didn’t begin with the end result. (The Goal)

Every marketing campaign should be laser-focused on the end goal. All entry points, communications and interactions should be geared toward progressing the list towards the end result. Before you launch your campaign, think about the outcome you’re looking for. Do you want people to sign up for your monthly newsletter? Do you want them to attend your event? Do you need to convert visitors to customers? Think about the end result first and that will help guide the rest of your campaign planning.

Once you’ve finished running your campaign, don’t forget to go back and review the results to see how successful you were at hitting your original goal. Looking back were there areas you could have improved on? Did you learn something new about your visitor’s website behavior? Take all of this into consideration when you’re planning your next campaign.

Mistake #2 – The campaign doesn’t have an inbound marketing strategy

Inbound marketing has proven to be very powerful, if used correctly. We need to match up the end result with the entry point on every marketing campaign. It sounds simple, but when it’s not executed properly you could turn away your next customer. Make sure the triggering event to get someone into your campaign matches up to what the calls to action are within your campaign. 

For example, If your triggering point to get someone into  your campaign is for them to sign up to recieve more information about a specific product or service you offer, we want to make sure that throughout the campaign they are only recieving information about that specific product or service and not something they didn’t raise their hand to say “yes, I’d like to learn more about that.”

Remember, let your website visitors tell YOU want they want, not the other way around.

Mistake #3 – Your communications are generic or not relevant

Every communication throughout your campaign should be focused on the reason that contact entered that campaign in the first place. Providing educationally focused material to your contacts allows them to become educated about the product or service you offer and to help you stay on top of mind until they are ready to do business with you.

Too often we get into the “sell, sell, sell” mode, that we forget to deliver value to the prospects on the list. Develop some educational content that can help your contacts make a decision. Think about the questions they may have about your product or what pain points they before recieving your services. Let them know what problem your product or service can solve and position your campaign as a helpful tool to empower your contacts to make decisions, not a sales pitch.

Mistake #4 – Other departments are unaware of your marketing efforts

All departments of your organization should be well informed of your marketing efforts. The offers a prospect will see before initiating contact, such as, a phone call, an email or a chat session, will fall to the way side if the people within your organization don’t know what your marketing team is putting out.

Consider your entire organization a group of evalgelists for your business. Instead of relying on your automated campaign to do all the work, a little word-of-mouth and social sharing can go a long way to helping you reach your campaign goals. With marketing being so integrated these days, allowing communication to flow throughout departments could be the difference between a very successful campaign and one that just scrapes by. 

Kick Start Step:

Use one tool for your automation efforts.

With so many individual tools to use as your marketing automation platform, there’s a lot of junk out in the market. You may be tempted to purchase multiple programs to suite your needs. I highly encourag you to find one tool or platform that has everything you need.