The Puzzle of Integrated Marketing and How to Solve It

Ever have those morning where you are running around and can’t find what you need? You find your phone, but realize you don’t have your car keys? You find your car keys then where did you put your phone? When all the pieces are scattered how are you supposed to get anywhere on time? This small philosophy can be applied on a larger scale to a business’s marketing strategy. Without all the pieces, customers are just running around looking at small pieces of a much larger picture and never showing up on time – at your door!

You are promoting your business through all these different channels; your website, social media, direct mail, emails, radio, and TV, but for some reason the dial just isn’t moving. You’re not getting the results you need to grow your business. Each channel of marketing, like the ones listed above, are just little pieces that need to be working together to lead the customer to your business. Back to the phone and car keys example, if your phone and cars keys were in eye sight of each other, you would have had both and been on your way faster. The same is true for your marketing strategy. When your strategy is aligned you can drive leads and close deals faster.

Let’s look at an example of bringing all the little pieces together through one of the largest Honda Dealerships, Norm Reeves Honda Superstore in Cerritos, CA.

The Pieces: Norm Reeves and Facebook

As one of the largest Honda dealerships, it was no surprise that Norm Reeves built a strong presence in California. The shock came when their digital presence, especially on social media, was not performning at the same high level. To help address this situation, Norm Reeves reached out to Stream Companies to help solve the problem and get the digital pieces together.

Each started with a baseline by answering the following questions: Who is following us on Facebook? What are they liking? How much interaction are we getting? From there, both Norm Reeves and Stream Companies could see what pieces they need to start linking together to create an integrated marketing approach.  Their marketing goal was to increase presence on Facebook. So they created a process that allowed for Norm Reeve’s digital presence and Facebook followers to be in more integrated.

Integrated Marketing Approach

Creating the integrated marketing strategy didn’t happen overnight, it took a few months to find the best way to fit all the pieces together but once they did – it was magical. Digital presence and Facebook followers were linked by creating more smaller pieces to fit in between the two big items. Here’s how they did it!

  • At the dealership, Norm Reeves designated one person to be their Social Ambassador.
  • The Ambassador was responsible for taking photos of the cars, people buying cars, the dealership staff or anything exciting happening then send it over to the social media coordinator at Stream Companies.
  • The social media coordinator was responsible for posting, promoting, and responding to all the communication on Facebook.

In the end, Norm Reeves tripled their digital presence and is continuing to expand.  

Putting it All Together

Finding the perfect balance for marketing can be a difficult, just like finding the perfect place to keep your phone and keys to be able to find them easily. We recommend learning where you stand currently in your digital presence and then making an integrated plan to help you get where you need to go to reach your business goals.