Small Businesses Are Paving Our Road to Recovery

In the past few months, our daily lives have changed in ways we wouldn’t have thought imaginable at the start of 2020. When you step outside to take a walk in the park or head out to the grocery store, there’s a new level of caution you never considered before.

Let’s be honest: it’s been a challenge. For those whose lives have been touched directly by COVID-19, that challenge has increased tenfold. But we’ve seen good come from this hardship, too, such as the way our community leaders have stepped up to offer support.

Small businesses have long been the backbone of our great nation, and now more than ever, they’re rising up to help those in need. The automotive industry is one of many going the extra mile to help their neighbors.

Do You Know What Your Local Dealerships Are Doing to Help?

At Stream Companies, we’ve had a front-row seat to the community efforts of auto dealerships all over the nation for years.

Did you know that the auto industry, as a whole, represents 15% of the U.S. economy? This industry employs over 2.4 million workers and generates billions of dollars in wages and taxes yearly.

There’s no doubt dealerships are doing their part to contribute to economic recovery. More than that, however, they’re doing their part to help the communities and neighbors they serve.

Lifting Up Essential Workers & Neighbors in Need Daily

For many people, the dealership where they buy their family sedan or SUV is also family owned. A large percentage of dealerships are, and the hardworking employees that work there live in the communities they serve.

The Fred Beans Family of Dealerships has multiple dealers in Pennsylvania, a state that’s been hit hard by the coronavirus. Seeing how their communities were impacted by COVID-19 and the economic fallout, they’ve committed to donating $25,000 every month this year to fight hunger. None of their neighbors should go to bed hungry.

Meanwhile, Marino Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram is fighting hunger for front-line workers in their own backyard—the state of Illinois. They’re providing meals for first responders and the National Guard at local COVID-19 testing centers.

No matter how big or small the community, we can count on our car dealerships to lift them up. Just check out this video to see for yourself.

Helping Out Our Helping Hands

In times like these, every helping hand makes a difference for essential workers and neighbors alike. Our local car dealerships ask for nothing in return, only that we pay their acts of charity and kindness forward.

At Stream, we’re taking a page out of their book. To support the dealerships and other small businesses that have spent so much time supporting others, we’re offering free resources to help them navigate these trying times.

In addition to free eBooks and checklists, we’ve offered complimentary trials of our next generation ROI intelligence technology, Shopper Suite. This tech unmasks and mines addresses from anonymous website visitors to help businesses enhance their marketing efforts.

We’ll Come Out of this Stronger, Together

In times like these, our true colors always show. For small businesses like car dealers providing crucial support for essential workers and neighbors.

Stream Companies is proud of the dealerships and other small businesses we partner with, just as we are proud of our brilliant and generous team. We may not know when things will go “back to normal,” but we know that when that time comes, we’ll be stronger than ever.

Are you interested in learning more about our team and the work we do for businesses like yours? Get in touch today. Let’s move forward together.