Kremer Eye Center, A Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Success Story

Be a strategic partner. It’s one of our core values here at Stream, and it’s something we live by day in and day out. Working alongside our partners, not vendor, is how we like to get the job done. This could not be more true than with our partner and BFF’s, Kremer Eye Center.

Kremer Eye Center + Stream = BFFs

Kremer Eye Center is a leader in vision corrections. Our partner was not getting the necessary conversions from their website traffic. By taking the ordinary and making extraordinarily well, we focused on making small improvements to their website through conversion rate optimization (CRO) techniques. CRO is a method of using analytics and user feedback to make the necessary changes to improve their website performance.

Kremer’s Goals were:

  1. To Increase Form Submissions
  2. To Increase Website Clicks
  3. To Have Higher Conversion Rates

Here was our solution for Kremer Eye Center:

1. Improve Home Page Conversation Rates – Color Changes to Increase Website Clicks

How Stream Helped:

  • Based results from heat map, where visitors were clicking.
  • Simple design and color improvements saw an overall significant increase in interaction with the website, time spent on the website, and clicks.
  • Each portion of the new menu say a doubt digital percent increase in clicks.

2. Improve Home Page Conversion Rates – Link Visibility to Increase Form Submissions

How Stream Helped:

  • Kremer wanted to improve their “Schedule a Consultation” and “Get a Free Info Kit” links, because these were their primary conversion goals.
  • Changing the color to make each link stand out caused a spike in clicks and 20% increase on info kit clicks.
  • +175 more schedule clicks, +69 more free info kit clicks. 

3. Improving Landing Page for Higher Conversion Rates

How Stream Helped:

  • To optimize the “48-month Financing” landing page, changes were made in design, layout, offer titles and ad copy.
  • The copy was shortened to bullet points.
  • The title of the landing page was changed to include benefits to attract readers to sign up.
  • 199% increase in form submissions.

The results for Kremer Eye Center were superb. We were able to increase their goals and make their pane points vanish. These simple adjustments allowed for better website traffic, more time spent on the website, and an increase on overall conversions.

Now, CRO is not a set-it and forget-it method. It is an optimization Science that requires testing and necessary adjustments to capture what the end-user is looking for. We will do the heavy lifting so you can find the right customers We are always trying to improve your website’s performance and metrics on a constant basis. If you have the same pane points as Kremer Eye Center, let us take a look by scheduling a conversion rate optimization evaluation.

Here at Stream we are an integrated agency with over 20 years of industry experience. We do everything in-house, which in the long run, benefits you because you don’t have manage different vendors. Everything exists under one roof and you can reach us through, literally, one email away. Your wins are our wins, and we are always looking toward doing the ordinary extraordinarily well.