Boosting Store Visits Location-Based Ads Mobile SERP

How Location-Based Ads Boost Store Visits and Sales

Location-based advertisements have helped many businesses see their share of online success. Whether its increased traffic or better customer communication and engagement, these ads have been proven to boost a company’s overall digital presence. But can customized location-based ads drive store visits, too? Absolutely!

A location-based ad is a customized mobile advertisement that is designed to target those based on where they are physically and where they’ve been. From social feeds to Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), you can find these ads all over the world wide web.

So, how exactly does location-based advertising work and how can it boost your in-store visits?

Understanding Location-Based Ads and How They Work

Again, location-based ads are designed to help you target customers in specific areas. Based on that information, businesses can create a strategy featuring customized content and offers that can help encourage people to visit and even buy from their stores.

So, how do you know where to target? It’s simple really. All you need to do is understand which areas can provide the best opportunities. For example, if you’re seeing an increase in customers from a specific area, you can send mobile ads to people in that location. You can also create a strategy to attract previous customers in nearby cities by offering exclusive coupons and offers to get them back into the store.

Overall, location-based ads can appear on many platforms from display advertisements on websites to Google SERPs, depending on the type of ad you’ve created. They can even be sent via email or through an app.

However, no matter what platform or area you decide to target, it’s a good idea to implement additional marketing tactics with your location-based ads to really boost your results. That’s because having the right comprehensive strategies can help your company gain more successes by increasing in-store retail sales as well as promoting brand awareness.

Tips for Location-Based Ads

Using location-based ads is simple and can boost in-store visits for any company. However, these tips can increase your success with your strategy even further.

  • Use Geo-Fence. Geo-fencing is an effective tactic that can make it easier for you to show ads to people in specific areas. As soon as someone enters a geo-fenced location, they’ll be able to see text, display, and other mobile ads on their devices.
  • Create Location-Based Ads for Mobile. With Local Awareness Ads on Facebook and other social platforms, you’ll be able to enhance your local reach and attract more people to your stores.
  • Choose Your Targeted Locations Wisely. Since people are more likely to buy from a store that’s near where they’re located, keep your target locations close. You also want to make sure you consider other customer location data, like where they shop and where they’re from, to discover other areas that you should target.
  • Customize Your Ads. Having the right messages is one of the most important things you need for a successful location-based ad. Something as simple as customizing each ad to address specific pain points and customer interests can provide better opportunities to attract customers and drive store visits.
  • Work with a Team of Experts. Creating a location-based ad campaign for your business can help boost your in-store visits, but it’s always best to work with an experienced and integrated marketing agency. Regardless if you’re doing this for the first time or you’re looking to fine-tune your strategy to improve results, working with an expert team can make it easier for you to target the right locations, create the right ads, and bring more people into your stores. 

Incorporating Location-Based Ads for Your Business

If you’re looking to improve your reach online, attract new customers, and most importantly, boost your in-store visits and sales, location-based ads can be an ideal solution for your business.

When you’re ready to incorporate location-based ads for your company, get in touch with the marketing experts at Stream Companies for more information about the benefits of location-based ads and how we can help you drive conversions and sales in-store and online