Digital Marketing Healthcare trends

Healthcare marketing is constantly changing. Stay ahead of it with these digital marketing trends

Digital marketing trends are ever-changing across all industries, especially healthcare. Unfortunately, it tends to be difficult for healthcare businesses to keep up. This is primarily because marketing strategy is not the main priority in healthcare and instead patient care is (as it should be)! In order to remain successful, you’ll need to stay ahead of the marketing trends! From reputation management to content strategy, we have listed the 2019 healthcare digital marketing trends that are designed to drive growth for your business.

Reputation Management

Reputation management is key especially when it comes to converting new patients in the healthcare industry. Your online reputation says a lot about your healthcare business so the narrative around what users/patients are saying online needs to be contained and corrective measures should be taken as soon as possible when/if needed.

Social Media Strategy

Creating a powerful social media strategy is crucial for the success of your digital presence. Having someone devoted to managing your business Facebook page by promoting your services, replying to comments, and sharing engaging content is the first step in the right direction. Engagement between patients within the community that supports your physicians as well as promoting information about population health can have outstanding results for your healthcare business.  Regularly posting updates to your social accounts can also help your healthcare business climb the ranks in SEO.  Paid social media advertising can also be incredibly valuable to reach new or existing patients that have already visited your site.

Location-based SEO

Nearly every patient is doing extensive online research making them more particular than ever about the services they receive. Therefore location-based SEO can now make or break your marketing efforts. Utilizing specific keyword selection/phrases in blogs posts, informative pages, and patient testimonials ensures that potential patients are landing on the most helpful web pages as well as helping search engines recognize their organic content. This type of SEO works especially well for healthcare organizations with a local branch.

Preferred Content

Content marketing and educational content is the cutting-edge way to attract new patients and customers to your healthcare business. Right now, the preferred content type to share is video. Video marketing is the best channel for healthcare marketers to build trust and increase awareness around their healthcare business in 2019. Examples of this are best seen in 360-degree video tours, virtual reality, and live streaming videos. Utilizing these assets can show your patients your office, lobby, new procedures, and your staff. This gives them a personalized experience and connection before they even walk through your doors. Video content can also be implemented into a blog, used in an ad, or shared in a social post. The possibilities are limitless!

If you’re ready to take your company’s marketing performance to the next level, let’s talk Digital Trends for Healthcare!