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FullThrottle Service Suite: Streamlining Your Customer Communications and Crushing Sales Goals

FullThrottle is the most advanced, mobile-first marketing platform designed for all your dealership’s needs. Within FullThrottle’s Web Suite lives the Shopper Suite and the Service Suite, the latter which we’ll be focusing on below. With this tool, your dealership will crush your sales goals with a new class of instant and ongoing equity mining—it’ll be the only tool you’ll need for supercharged sales.Let’s dive in to learn more about FullThrottle’s Sales & Service Suite!

How Does It Work?

So, let’s back up a bit here. What is FullThrottle Service Suite, and how does it work? To be brief, it’s the easy approach to managing customer communication. Streamlining your customer communication works in tandem with customer retention, growing your business and pushing you towards larger-scale success.

The Sales Suite employs advanced tech to clean up—and tighten up—your customer database. With this level of organization, you’ll be able to categorize entries based on:

  • Vehicle information
  • Equity or remaining term position
  • Financing type
  • And more!

This way, your team can actively search and filter through customer details in order to identify prospects and generate work lists. In short: Creating profitable opportunities for your business.

Why It Works

The FullThrottle Service Suite fosters customer communication and, therefore, customer retention in order to keep your business at the forefront of the consumer’s mind. By directly connecting customers with messaging that is specific to them, your business creates a relationship that is not only profitable but also valuable for both parties.

The Service Suite takes automated marketing technology to a new level. It processes customer and vehicle data to generate:

  • Personalized emails sent for birthdays
  • Customized upgrade proposals
  • Buy-back offers
  • Personalized emails sent for vehicle purchase anniversaries

With this level of advanced, automated marketing technology, the Service Suite has designed the exact communication you need to keep your dealership top of mind and connected to your customers. And the best part?

You don’t have to lift a finger to get it done.

Integrated Technology and Tools

Now, let’s be clear about one thing: The Service Suite isn’t meant to override your sales technology or old-school customer-communication methods. In fact, it just helps you get the most out of all your tools. In addition to the methods that are already working for your business that the Sales & Service Suite looks to enhance, it also integrates its own FullThrottle technology to really push your business forward.

By automatically migrating data to one place, this Suite helps you get the most out of all your tools. It even offers additional technologies at your disposal, including:

  • Kelley Blue Book®
  • AIS incentives
  • Facebook

So, with the data acquired via this integrated technology—and your own tried-and-true tools—your vehicle inventory can stay updated at lightning speeds, placing the needs of your customer at the forefront.

Service to Sales

Crushing your sales goals is the aim here, right? Well, it starts with your service customers, then. With the FullThrottle Service Suite, that age-old question (is a service customer destined only to be a service customer?) becomes a thing of the past.

The features and functionality of this Suite are customer-focused, specifically targeting service-only customers. The Service Suite allows dealerships to identify these prospects and then act on service-to-sales conversion opportunities.

From here, your business can build a sale, with FullThrottle’s live access to your:

  • Inventory
  • Incentives
  • Customer vehicle information
  • Customizable offers for prospects
  • And more!

It’s this kind of one-on-one contact that boosts customer retention and bolsters communication.

User-Friendly Platform

What’s more, with the Sales Suite, customers receive their own private consumer portal, providing various tools and pages, including:

  • Live inventory with calculated loan or lease payments and trade-in value
  • Inventory research tool
  • Side-by-side upgrade with cost of ownership
  • Choose your sales rep
  • Loan calculator

When customers favorite these pages or utilize these tools, your business will receive a live notification noting the consumer’s web portal activity. 

In fact, Stream’s experienced automotive technology team designed the FullThrottle Service Suite for that exact reason: To use advanced functionality and features to deliver results-driven, streamlined communication. After all, when the user is happy, you’re crushing your sales goals.

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