Defining Your USP

What’s Your USP?

A USP (Unique Selling Proposition) is one of the basic ingredients of any solid marketing campaign. Specifically, it’s a summary of what makes your business unique and valuable to the market you serve. It should answer the question: How do the services you provide benefit your clients better than anyone else in your platform?

An effective USP should clearly communicate what your company does and why you do it. It should also be able to convey your most important business goals drilled down to a sentence.

The Process…..Define Your Target Audience

Before you can even start marketing your services, you need to know who you are targeting. In this step, you want to be as specific as possible.

Explain the Need or Problem You Need to Solve

From your prospective clients’ perspectives, what is the individual need or challenge they face that your business can solve for them?

What Are the Biggest Distinctive Benefits

List some of the biggest benefits a client gets from choosing to work with you that they could not get from someone else (i.e., what sets you apart from your competition). Again, thinking from the clients’ perspectives, these benefits should explain why your services are important to them and why they would choose you over another provider.

Define Your Commitment

A big part of a successful USP is making a pledge to your clients. While this can be implied instead of spelled out in your USP, write down this promise you make to your clients in this step.