Are you boring your audience?

Tips for Keeping Your Blog Fresh & Engaging

While you may think that getting newer readers to followyour blog and attracting customers may be impossible, it’s not. However, if you’ve noticed less engagement, followers, or a general lack of interest in your posts, you may be boring your audience. Today’s readers can easily be swayed by how you write and what you write, and they won’t hesitate for a second to hit that dreaded < button.

Know Who Your Audience Is

The first step in starting a successful blog post is carving out your particular audience. No matter what business you’re in, there’s people who are not only interested in learning more, but are currently seeking out the types of services you offer to solve a problem they’re facing, too. You want to “wow” them, but don’t show off. Simply engage them with fun and informative content, and be the friendly solution they’re looking for.

Post on a Regular Basis

When your readers have a new post to read every few days, it not only helps you build your audience, but it positions you as an opinion that people are genuinely interested in. If you forgo publishing a new blog post, people will start to lose interest and move on. Make a posting schedule to stay on top of the demand.

Engage Your Readers

Engagement is one of the reasons that you’re blogging, so don’t pass up the chance to connect with your audience by responding to their comments and answering any questions. If a reader knows that you’re there to provide additional insight that wasn’t included in the post, they’ll become loyal readers and may recommend your blog to others.

Change Up Your Sentence Structure

A lot of writers like short sentences. They’re easy to write. Hemingway wrote that way. But too many short sentences isn’t good for your blog. You’ll want to change it up. Isn’t this paragraph boring?

Short sentences can actually bore your readers, because it gives them too many pauses, too many chances to look at another tab open, or a chance to walk away from their computer. By mixing in longer, more complex sentences with short and succinct ones, your readers will be more engaged in your writing.

Keep Your Paragraphs Short

Believe it or not, most content is read on phones. Smaller screens mean smaller paragraphs for your blog. Lengthy paragraphs are generally avoided, like a door handle during flu season, especially when it’s on a small screen. An unwieldy wall of text can cause a reader to back out quickly, so they can avoid the toll it will take on their thumb to scroll past to the next subhead.

Make Your Content Stand Out

Whether you’re in a crowded industry, or you’re one of a few in a unique business, it’s always good to be a fresh and unique island in the endless digital sea. Tell a story, publish lists, or post fun infographics to really get your ideas across and keep your blog interesting and versatile. If you keep your content interesting, different, fun, and engaging, your readers will come back, and your following will grow.

Now that you’ve got the tools, it’s time to do the work. Publish a fun, informative, unique, and concise blog post and see how your audience responds! Respond to their questions and comments, and provide them with further information and insight. Contact us to learn more tips and tricks to drive visitors to your blog!