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4 Tips to Make a Successful Marketing Video

A marketing video is the best way to reach your audience and share your business. Visual content is much more appealing then print or text and can be easily shared by your target audience.

You don’t need a high-tech production department to make an impactful video, though. Check out these tips for creating a successful video campaign.

Charisma and Personality

The marketing world is constantly bombarding audiences with videos and campaigns. Therefore, it’s crucial to remember to stand out from competitors. Think about what you can do to make your campaign different from the rest. How can you be memorable and relatable?

One way to do this is to show some personality and charisma. Incorporate humor to stand out. Everyone loves a good laugh!

Be comfortable with your public speaking and camera skills. If your on-camera skills aren’t up to par and you aren’t relaxed with the camera, have someone else stand in instead. Audiences will be distracted by your discomfort and your message will be lost.

Be different!

The Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How

You’re familiar with your product. You know the ins and outs of it and have dedicated a large portion of time to it. Therefore, you may assume that others know the nitty-gritty about your business/product as well. You may forget to educate your audience about the simple factors of your business because they’re obvious to you.

It’s important to tell details of your product from start to finish, including those simple factors. Although they’re obvious to you, they may not be to those unfamiliar with your product.

It’s crucial to explain the who, what, when, where, why, and how of what you’re selling! This will help your audience feel comfortable with your business and aid in forming a deeper relationship.

Give an Incentive

In today’s digital age, we’re constantly bombarded with advertising, marketing, and media. If you think someone is going to sit through your three-minute video, you’re mistaken. Therefore you have to ask yourself what’s in it for the viewer.

Add some value to your video like a link to a promotion code or free trial. By doing so, you’ll make people want to share the video, thus spreading the word of your product.

Promote, Promote, Promote

So now you’ve made your marketing video campaign. Your video has combined the elements of personality and charisma, you’ve explained the ins and outs, and you’ve included some sort of incentive. Now what?


Yes, this step is obvious, but it’s also often overlooked.

Make sure that your video has an appealing and catching title and hashtags. There’ an infinite number of videos out there, so do everything in your power to make your video appealing so a viewer will want to hit the play button.

Feature your video on numerous platforms. YouTube is the most obvious, but don’t forget about social media!

Follow these simple steps and the results will end in your successful marketing video.

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—Erik Krass is a Digital PR Coordinator at Stream Companies, a full-service Philadelphia-area advertising agency.{{cta(‘b86debdb-a1cb-412f-8ca2-530f36f66bd3’)}}