4 Reasons Your Website Is Failing to Convert Quality Leads

In this digital day and age, your website needs to be optimized so your visitors and leads can easily find what they’re looking for. Many times, a quality lead’s first interaction with your services is through your website. But if your page isn’t optimized for converting these leads into customers, you’ll notice a significantly high bounce rate, or the percentage of visitors who leave your site after a short time without converting.A high bounce rate is a result of your website failing to convert quality leads. Here are four critical mistakes that inhibit your website’s conversion rate.

  1. You’re Not Implementing Proper SEO Strategies

    When you don’t optimize the content on your website to target quality leads, they can’t get to your website to convert in the first place.While converting leads is a huge priority for websites, you need to get these quality leads to know who you are by making your page easy to find. This starts with implementing effective SEO strategies.Create a list of keywords that your prospective customers may use as search terms when trying to find the services that your business provides. Use those keywords in your website copy, meta descriptions, and page titles so you can establish a relevant web presence and be found when quality leads search for your services.

  2. Your Website Isn’t Navigable

    When potential customers visit your website and they can’t find what they’re looking for, they’re more likely to leave your site without making a conversion.Leads come to your page for a specific reason, and if they can’t find what they intended to, they’re likely to leave the page, get back on Google, and find another source that can provide the services they were looking for.This is horrible for your business, because if your quality leads aren’t converting on your site, then they might be leaving to go to your direct competitors if they can navigate their sites easier.Be sure that your web page is properly labeled, isn’t overwhelming or complicated to use, and isn’t bogged down with resources or pages that have no use for your leads.

  3. Your Content Marketing Isn’t Directed to Your Buyer Personas

    For website content to be effective, it needs to be targeted to your buyer personas that will benefit from your services.When visitors and leads come to your site, they want to be able to find content that engages and relates to them. If it doesn’t, why would they continue to spend their time on your site?Figuring out who your quality leads are and what they hope to gain from visiting your website will help you create content that speaks to them and help you convert them into customers.

  4. Your Website Lacks Conversion Points

    To convert your qualified leads into customers, conversion points need to be apparent. These include:

    • Calls to action
    • Landing pages
    • Forms

These conversion points provide platforms for your prospective customers to submit information about themselves in exchange for your services. They act as direct portals for converting leads into customers while also working to give your business information about who your customers are.Calls to action speak to your leads and drive them to your landing pages, where they can fill out forms to gain access to your services. Stringing together these conversion points creates an easy and helpful way for your site visitors to become customers. If your webpage is missing these valuable conversion points, you can’t effectively convert a lead into a customer. Check your webpage to determine whether you’re making these common mistakes that obstruct your ability to convert qualified leads.

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