10 Ways to Increase Productivity

Becoming complacent is sometimes a much easier option than tackling things head on. But at Stream Companies, we avoid that nasty trap. Here are a few pointers that our Sales team follows in order to increase productivity.

1. Set and review goals

Make sure you’re on top of things. What do you want to accomplish and how are you going to do it are two questions you must consistently ask yourself in order to stay on course.

2. Tackle the toughest things first

Procrastination is tough to battle. Start with the big stuff first instead of putting things off; you’ll avoid the endless cycle of frustration, feeling guilty you’ve avoided things and last minute pressure and stress.

3. Don’t rush through tasks

Staying productive and proactive doesn’t mean speeding through your work. Producing quality work is your goal.

4. Less is more

No one can do absolutely everything – and do it well. Learn to delegate and work with others in order to deliver something great.

5. Avoid fear of failure

If you avoid taking chances because you’re afraid of failure, you might miss something big. In sales, there’s no such thing as hesitation, only wasted opportunities.

6. Get organized

As a salesperson, you need to be prepared to multitask. Create a system and stick to it. You’ll be much more efficient.

7. Practice time management

Time management has a lot to do with organization and keeping track of your goals. Get a jump on things instead of playing the endless game of catch up.

8. Be positive

No one likes a Debbie Downer. No matter how frustrating things may be, a positive perspective can do a world of good. Plus, it’s infectious. Wouldn’t you like to work with other positive people?

9. Be healthy

Eating well, exercising and feeling healthy on physical and emotional levels are important. If you want to keep that edge with your clients and colleagues, you’ve got to look out for yourself, too.

10. Visualize winning

Be your own motivator because no one else can do it better.