Lead Scoring: Get ‘em While They’re Hot

The Benefits of Lead Scoring View Plans

Lead ScoringMaximized Sales Efficiency

Lead scoring works by assigning sales attention to the leads that are considered most valuable to your dealership. So unqualified leads or leads with a relatively low value (as outlined by your dealership) are kept simmering until they’re hot enough to be sent to your sales team.

Lead ScoringMaximized Marketing Efforts

With lead scoring, your marketing team will have a well-defined list of which lead characteristics matter most to your dealership. So they can easily take that information and apply it to your other inbound and outbound strategies in order to target leads with greater precision and effectiveness.

Lead ScoringSales/Marketing Harmony

A disconnect between the sales team and your marketing department can significantly impact your dealership’s progress. Lead scoring allows these teams to work together by using a common language that better equips them for discussing not just the quantity of leads coming in to the sales team but the quality of those leads as well.

Lead Scoring So Effective It Almost Takes the Fun Out of Selling Cars View Plans

Ranking leads is the number one way to make sure that your sales team is running as efficiently and effectively as possible. A lead score tells you whether to approach a customer with an offer or a brochure, so to speak, so you can guide them through the sales funnel starting from the exact stage where they entered.

At Stream Companies, we provide dealerships with an integrated and automated lead scoring process that serves up hot and ready-to-sell leads. We do this by looking at the entire customer journey and taking into account macro behaviors that signal their level of intent before they even step foot into your dealership.

Our results speak for themselves. You and your sales team will be able to see the qualified leads come through as they pass through the lead scoring process.

Your Lead Scoring Plan


Stream delivers a report of your most recent website leads, ranked by buyer readiness. Also provided, is the customer and conversion data your sales team needs to have more impactful follow-up and prospect communication. Benefits of our lead scoring system include:

  • Increased sales productivity
  • Shortened customer car buying cycle
  • Increased conversion rate
  • Better customer engagement

Recommended Starting Budget: $0.65/lead