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Our Locations

Malvern, PA

400 Lapp Road
Malvern, PA 19355
phone: 888-449-7443
fax: 610-540-6433

Philadelphia, PA

219 Cuthbert Street
Suite 500
Philadelphia, PA 19106
phone: 610-644-8637

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Thought leaders from every agency discipline

At Stream Companies, we’re a fully integrated team of advertising junkies. We’re thought leaders, innovators, and creators who use our expertise to build memorable brands for our partners.

There’s a good reason why we choose to work in the advertising business: It’s exciting, fast paced, and ever changing. Plus, we also happen to be of the rare breed that thrives on long hours, tight turnarounds, and never-ending deadlines. Simply put, we chose advertising because it’s what we love to do.

And when we say that we’re a fully integrated agency, we mean it. Each department works side by side with a free flow of ideas and information. That’s how we can deliver perfectly aligned advertising and marketing campaigns across all mediums for our clients. With fresh personalities, unique points of view, great senses of humor, and a work ethic to match, our hard-working staff is always ready for a new challenge.

Meet some of the people who make Stream Companies great:


Meet The Team!

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David Regn


Jason Brennan


Brian Baker

Partner, EVP, & Chief Client Officer

Kate Heskett

Partner, VP of Creative Operations

Alex G.

Director of Conversion Rate Optimization and Digital Merchandising

Alyssa K.

E-Mail Marketing Developer

Amanda F.

Digital Project Manager

Amanda M.

Senior Media Buyer

Amol W.

Vice President of Platform Marketing

Amy A.

Sr. Media Buyer

Angie T.


Anthony L.

Account Manager

Beth H.

Senior Media Buyer

Bill P.

Chief Digital Evangelist

Bob L.

Senior Graphic Designer

Brendan R.

Account Director

Brian E.

Regional VP

Brittanie S.

Creative Director

Brooke S.

Graphic Designer

Carol M.


Cassie P.

Graphic Designer

Charles B.

Digital PR Coordinator

Charlotte B.

PPC Specialist

Corinne P.

Creative Director

Curtis D.

Director of Product Engineering

Daniel G.

Senior PPC Specialist

Danielle K.


Dave C.

Senior Copywriter

Dave M.

Executive Creative Director

Denise C.

Director of Client Services

Derek P.

Director of PPC

Derek S.

Graphic Designer

Ed P.

Director of Technology

Elaine M.

Office Manager

Eric F.


Erik H.

Video Editor

Erin G.

Interactive Designer

Erin M.

Account Director

Greg A.

Graphic Designer

Greg P.

Creative Director

Hollie H.

Account Director

Howard B.

Digital Content Poster

Jamie H.

Account Director

Janelle B.

Sr. Media Buyer

Jason S.

Senior PPC Specialist

Jenny P.

Inbound Marketing Copywriter

Jim D.

Director of Client Services

Jim U.

UI/UX Designer

Josh C.

Business Strategist

Julia G.

Director of Social Media

Julie F.

Recruiting Director

Kacie M.

Data Analyst

Kate N.

Digital PR Coordinator

Kate R.

Account Coordinator

Katie C.


Keith C.

Executive Director of Client Services

Kelly M.

Graphic Designer

Kelly Mullen

Director of Production

Keisha J.

Content Strategist

Kiera R.

Assistant Controller

Kristen S.

Digital Website Coordinator

Laura M.

Email Marketing Team Lead

Lauren B.

Marketing Strategist

Lauren s.

SEO Consultant

Louis D.

Assistant Media Buyer

Matt M.

Director of Creative Operations

Matthew K.

Assistant Media Buyer

Meghan G.

Inbound Marketing Copywriter

Melissa D.

VP Media Director

Michael D.

Content Coordinator

Moira M.

Account Coordinator

Morgan S.

PPC Specialist

Nick F.

Digital Content Poster

Nitin K.

Sr. Director of Digital Advertising Platform

Patty F.

Co-Op Manager

Paul S.

Media Controller

Sarah D.

Executive Director of Digital Operations & SEO

Scott W.

Associate Art Director

Sean N.


Stephanie M.

Graphic Designer

Stephanie R.

Graphic Designer

Taylor W.

Production Coordinator

Tiffanie L.

Strategic Sales, Account Executive

Tim B.

Digital PR Coordinator

Tina D.

Digital Marketing Content Coordinator

Todd S.

Account Manager

Todd S.

Regional Vice President

Tracy D.


Zachary W.

Graphic Designer

Our Locations

400 Lapp Road
Malvern, PA 19355

219 Cuthbert Street, Suite 500
Philadelphia, PA 19106

Do the ordinary, extraordinarily well.

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