Matchbox Food Group

Responsive Website Design // Email Campaigns
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Designing for Growth & Prosperity

Matchbox Food Group has over 15 locations among its three restaurant brands, making an organized and customer-friendly web presence essential. As their advertising partner, we built four completely responsive websites:,,, and to handle their corporate and individual brands as well as an email campaign template that could be adapted as their business continued to grow.

  • Location-Based Content Curation
  • Lightning Fast Loading Time
  • Responsive Website Design
  • Easy to Use Email Templates
  • OpenTable Integration
  • Content Creation & SEO
  • Promotional Web Slides

Overcoming & Anticipating Obstacles

As business continued to grow, Matchbox Food Group needed an online presence that could keep up as they added more and more locations across the country. In order to make sure we were building for their future, Stream designed their websites around user location.

So when a visitor lands on the site they’re asked to allow location services which can automatically begin tailoring the visitor’s online experience based on the restaurant location that’s closest to them.

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