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Stream Companies Goes Hollywood


Stream Companies is currently in Malvern, Philly, NJ, Maine, and… Hollywood?

Well, at least one of us has invaded Tinsel town. That would be Creative Director Dave Mazzoni, Producer and Director of The Fields (starring Cloris Leachman and Tara Reid). The Fields, a suspenseful thriller that follows a young boy as he encounters a menacing presence around his family farm in 1970’s PA, is currently making a huge splash on the independent film scene. You don’t have to wait for the theater to find out what happens – you can find The Fields on DVD & Blu-Ray, and it will be on Redbox and Comcast On-Demand this June!

Prior to its release, The Fields garnered success on the film festival circuit, with wins at the following festivals: 2011 Terror Film Festival (Best Feature Film), 2011 Buffalo Niagara Film Festival (Best Feature Film), and 2011 Eerie Film Festival (Best Directors).

Read a review about The Fields below:

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The Fields marks Mazzoni’s second directorial collaboration with Tom Mattera, as the two wrote, produced and directed The 4th Dimension which was released in 2008.